Let's face it, mobile computing devices allow you to be productive when you're not at your desktop or when you need input and feedback from people who are off-site.

With RapidResponse’s mobile application, there are no delays when your colleagues are away from their desks. You can access your supply chain data and collaborate with your team wherever you are for real-time decision making to keep your supply chain operations running smoothly and effectively.

Benefits of RapidResponse Mobile 

Consistent experience

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RapidResponse mobile offers full support for rendering and interactivity so users get the right information, how and when they need it, with a similar navigation as RapidResponse on the desktop. You interact with the live RapidResponse application - it is not a static, disconnected view typical with other solutions.  

Author once, consume anywhere

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RapidResponse mobile is part of the standard solution, and is managed by RapidResponse administrators. Key capabilities are set for the user and they receive the same information and similar functions regardless if they are mobile or not.

Complete compatibility

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RapidResponse mobile is consistent and compatible with your organization's mobile strategy since it runs on tablets, phones and other devices, as well as HTML5 browsers. Two people from the same enterprise working on the road will have the same RapidResponse user experience even if they have two completely different devices. 

with Rapidresponse mobile, you can:

  • Send and receive direct links to dashboards
  • Use gadgets to include dashboard content in third party portals
  • Use forms to complete tasks, such as editing data
  • Enjoy an updated user interface
  • Annotate and collaborate (finger paint on a dashboard and send to another user for collaboration)
  • Leverage animated and interactive charts


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A rich and visual mobile experience tailored to you.

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Get and give informed responses on live data as and when you need, improving individual and organizational productivity.

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Eliminate the latency in decision making and shorten process cycle times as a result.