Navigate your future now!

In the past year, we’ve all made strides in adjusting to “the new normal” and acknowledged the many challenges supply chains currently face. But evolution is constant and to keep pace organizations must be able to plan for any future while still navigating today’s waters. How can you do both successfully? You can’t if you’re using Excel and outdated processes. It’s time to accelerate your transformation with a new roadmap to go from Excel to advanced planning in 12 weeks or faster. At our recent Big Ideas in Supply Chain Summit Fall Edition ’21, supply chain practitioners and experts from Cisco, Cranfield University, Microsoft, OPTEL Group, Schneider Electric and Kinaxis delved into how to navigate your supply chain journey now while planning for tomorrow. You’ll hear a new perspective on the future of supply chain from thought leader and former Amazon executive Kevin O’Marah, and Schneider Electric will share how it's lighting the way and leading the pack in supply chain innovation. Get the details by watching the recordings below.