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About Lippert Components

Lippert Components is a global leading supplier of components to the recreational vehicle and residential housing industries, as well as adjacent industries including bus, cargo and equestrian trailer, marine and heavy truck. With multiple facilities worldwide and more added all the time through acquisitions, Lippert needed a supply chain planning solution that could integrate all those systems and processes – and help improve supply chain planning across the enterprise.

The Challenge and Benefit

In 2014, Kristen LeBaron was appointed Director of Supply Chain and tasked with creating and running an internal supply chain organization. “Poor demand visibility challenged our manufacturing facilities with determining what to make because they did not have the right raw materials to meet production needs. Plants would increase safety stocks, which led to excessive and costly inventory and increased the risk of building obsolescence. Conversely, inventory shortages for new and promoted products impeded the promotional programs that were being pushed by sales. Stockouts occurred because we failed to have the right product at the right place at the right time, which led to increased costs due to expedited orders or, even worse, lost sales,” says LeBaron.

RapidResponse® gave Lippert the ability to see and connect hundreds of siloed data points. Instead of manually bringing all that information together, the company can now quickly and easily build custom reports across all of its facilities, providing a holistic view of the entire global supply chain and enabling simpler, faster planning of demand, inventory, production and capacity. While those benefits were what Lippert set out to get from RapidResponse, the company quickly found it could do much more with the software.

We’ve faced a lot of external and internal challenges over the years, and RapidResponse has helped us respond in all kinds of interesting ways.

Matt Getz, Solution Architect, Lippert Components
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