Kinaxis® Solution Assurance focuses on helping you realize the full potential of your supply chain transformation and investment in Kinaxis RapidResponse®. Offered as a turnkey service, it brings together a full range of expert resources and deep best practice knowledge from across our organization to make sure your RapidResponse deployment is a success.

Staffed by highly skilled members of our Research and Development (R&D), Center of Excellence (COE) and Delivery Management Office (DMO) teams, Kinaxis Solution Assurance gives you access to the best mix of proven Kinaxis resources to support your deployment. We apply scalable solution design best practices to ensure solution performance, anticipate and mitigate risks and assure successful business outcomes. With RapidResponse, you can revolutionize your organization’s supply chain planning, and we’re here to help.

Key Elements

Kinaxis Solution Assurance includes:

Professional Services Design Assurance - Kinaxis

Design assurance

Our COE team will:

  • Provide ongoing solution design support to address complex design issues
  • Perform an independent review of the proposed solution design and recommend changes to mitigate any potential issues
  • Execute an as-built solution review prior to go-live
  • Assess your solution’s performance baseline using standard techniques, highlight potential risks, provide an action plan to address any improvement areas and re-assess once corrective measures are taken 

Professional Services Delivery Assurance - Kinaxis

Delivery assurance

Our DMO team will:

  • Provide ongoing delivery support and coordinate activities and resources required to conduct delivery milestone reviews and the transition to Kinaxis Support
  • Act as a single point of contact for Level 3 solution support, engaging the appropriate Kinaxis experts to investigate and resolve critical solution support issues


With Kinaxis Solution Assurance, you’ll receive:

  • Full access to expert resources from across Kinaxis
  • Insights into the latest Kinaxis solution and deployment best practices based on previous experience to mitigate risks, improve functional and technical outcomes, and assure project success
  • Confidence in achieving desired outcomes from RapidResponse
  • Seamless transition from your RapidResponse deployment team to Kinaxis hosting and support

At Kinaxis, you’re our top priority! We believe when you succeed, we succeed. With Kinaxis Solution Assurance we make sure your RapidResponse deployment goes smoothly so you get the most out of your investment.

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