Kinaxis is dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service available. Our highly skilled experts are here to ensure the success of your RapidResponse implementation and to find ways to continuously leverage RapidResponse® for your unique and ever-evolving supply chain management (SCM) challenges.

For whichever supply chain planning process you are choosing to implement RapidResponse, Kinaxis has done it all. We’ve been helping industry leaders solve their business challenges for almost 30 years.

Our Mission

  • Develop trusted relationships with the companies we partner with.
  • Share valuable insight and best practice experiences in delivering solutions that transform the way our customers manage their businesses.
  • Produce business value quickly and consistently.

Kinaxis Partner

When you do business with Kinaxis, you can be assured that all of your support needs will be met—from initial implementation through mature day-to-day use.

Customer Support

US & Canada: +1 866-463-7877
International: +1 613-592-3574

The Kinaxis Knowledge Network

As a Kinaxis customer, your single point of entry to all support services is the Kinaxis Knowledge Network

The Knowledge Network is a great place to learn about and discuss RapidResponse. Whether you’re a casual user, super user, or a system admin, you can get access to key resources to help increase the value you derive from RapidResponse. Kinaxis consultants also "hang out" on the network to contribute their experience and expertise.

Areas of the RapidResponse Community include:

(Knowledge Network registration required)