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View our Kinaxis infographics on a supply chain or S&OP topic of interest. Visit back as our supply chain experts provide new thought leadership pieces to the Kinaxis library.

  • How To Get Your Supply Chain Ready For The Future

    When new challenges, complexity and unpredictability are driving the need for change, our first instinct is often to look for ways to improve our existing processes and way of doing things. However, the kind of change that leads to real success actually comes from doing things differently, not just better. This infographic looks at why it’s time to start managing supply chains differently and what capabilities your supply chain needs to achieve that.


  • Manage Murphy’s Supply Chain Law with Concurrent Planning

    Manage the chaos caused by Murphy’s Law – anything that can go wrong, will go wrong – with the power of concurrent planning. This infographic looks at how to overcome four common supply chain challenges that prevent you from properly managing the chaos caused by Murphy.


  • Supply Chain Visibility: Seeing Is Achieving

    End-to-end supply chain visibility is the foundation supply chain teams need in order to address today’s critical business challenges, specifically increasing supply chain complexity and rising supply chain management costs. It is a prerequisite for making both the supply chain and the business more agile, resilient and competitive. With end-to-end visibility, supply chain teams can mitigate risks, identify and understand the impact of disruptive events, and respond quickly.

    This infographic defines what supply chain visibility is (and isn’t!), looks at its current state, and provides 4 key considerations for organizations looking to achieve it.


  • 5 Things to Look for in a Supply Chain Planning System of Record

    With the growing recognition and adoption of planning systems that can support the end-to-end supply chain network, this infographic provides 5 considerations when evaluating a supply chain planning (SCP) system of record (SOR).

    Many solutions look good on paper, but they only add value if they work. Third-party validation is important because real-life experiences are what matter. So this piece shares views and real-world results from Kinaxis RapidResponse customers.


  • Supply Chain Risks: Big or Small, Plan For Them All

    Supply chain risks come in many forms - from large-scale, unpredictable natural disasters to issues arising from day-to-day business activities. You can't have a plan in place for every different supply chain disruption that could potentially come your way. But you can take a proactive approach to risk management that ensures you are prepared to recognize, assess and respond to any type of supply chain disruption.

    In this infographic, learn all about supply chain risks and the competencies needed to minimize their impact to your business.