Kinaxis Supply Chain Event Recordings

Whether on the road or online, the Kinaxis Event calendar is full!  Missed a supply chain event? Not to worry, we record many.  Here is a selection of both webcast and live event recordings our Kinaxis Experts have participated in.

  • Continuous Sales and Operations Planning for High-tech/Electronics Manufacturers

    Planning has long been segmented into different isolated activities that reflect organizational structures and functional goals, leading to long, ineffective, and inefficient planning cycles. For maximized value, sales and operations planning (S&OP) must be a truly cross-functional activity that can directly and simultaneously address both individual departmental goals and joint corporate objectives. In this recording, you will learn about the specific technology and process requirements to achieve a continuous and collaborative S&OP capability as it applies to the high tech and electronics manufacturing industry in particular.


  • Global Webinar Series - Pharma Supply Chain Part 2

    Part 2: High product value, short product shelf-life:
    Solving the Biopharma-supply chain conundrum through enhanced flexibility, visibility and responsiveness

    Reducing waste in Biopharma operations is a key initiative for many supply chain leaders across the industry. High product values, highly regulated operations, limited product shelf-lives, and increasing focus on network effectiveness, make this a skilful balancing act to get right.

    What are the methodologies and systems that are enabling some of the most advanced Biopharma supply chains to adapt and respond to changing customer demands, reduce inventory and improve financial performance whilst cutting waste and maintaining high service levels?

    This on-demand will examine all of these issues, and give participants a framework of processes, tools and examples to help drive significant improvements within your global operation.


  • What S&OP Capabilities Matter Most? An Overview of User Requirements and Technology Offerings

    Lora Cecere, partner, Altimeter Group
    Trevor Miles, vice president, thought leadership, Kinaxis

    Hear key findings from recent research by Lora Cecere of Altimeter Group. Lora outlines key user requirements for S&OP technologies and answers the question of what's needed versus what's available in S&OP offerings today.

    As S&OP grows in significance, companies are redefining S&OP and the supporting technological requirements. While the field evolves, everyone has a slightly different take of what the future state of S&OP maturity will look like. Learn the points of differentiation companies like Kinaxis are putting forward.


  • CSCO Summit 2010: Creating the Next Generation Value Chain to Deliver Customer Value

    Angel Mendez, senior vice president, customer value chain management, Cisco
    John Sicard, chief operating officer, Kinaxis

    Cisco Systems is widely recognized as a global supply chain leader and has been amongst the most innovative organizations across industry in transforming the supply chain from a cost-centre to a competitive advantage. In response to rapidly shifting business demands, Cisco's emphasis has been to fully integrate previously siloed back-to-front end operations into a single global operations group that covers the extended value network, from downstream suppliers through to upstream customers.


  • Pharma 2020: Maintaining competitiveness in a rapidly changing environment

    As the topography of the global Pharma sector changes rapidly, alongside an uncertain macro climate, responding and reacting to current and future challenges will be the key to success. With patents expiring, pipelines shrinking and increased regulatory pressure, the focus now is very much on process improvement and efficiency, as complex product innovation and the cost of R&D changes the competitive landscape for the sector. This session will explore the key issues for the global Pharma Industry and discuss the impact of these trends on supply chain development, response and strategy.