Establish an Integrated Approach to S&OP and Supply Chain Planning

Plan, Monitor, Respond with RapidResponse

Organizations have invested millions of dollars and decades of time in improving their S&OP and supply chain planning processes, yet many have not been able to achieve material or sustainable breakthroughs in supply chain performance. Why?

Supply Chain Challenges Table 

Companies must transform how they manage S&OP and supply chain planning from both a process and technology standpoint. From one planning system of record, companies must have agile and unified capabilities for:

Given RapidResponse® can manage many supply chain planning processes in different functional areas, Kinaxis offers multiple application options.

You can choose to address individual supply chain planning processes, or a collection of processes.  Over time, RapidResponse can become a critical enabler to your end-to-end supply chain process enablement roadmap, as you progressively deploy RapidResponse applications for multiple functions of your business.

Supply Chain Planning and S&OP Process Chart

In whatever capacity RapidResponse is employed – in one area of the business or across many – supply chain participants will balance demand and supply quickly, collaboratively, and in line with the shared business objectives of multiple stakeholders.

The Results?

Supply Chain What If Analysis

Better Analysis, Done Faster

Customer Service through Better SCM

Superior Customer Responsiveness and Service

Supply Chain Decision Making

Profitable Decisions

Supply Chain Planning Cycle Customer Quote

S&OP Scenario Planning Customer Quote

Reducing supply Chain Planning Cycles Customer Quote

Operations Performance Benefits Customer Quote

Cross Functional Supply Chain Visibility Customer Quote

Supply Chain Alignment Customer Quote

Supply Chain Analysis Customer Quote

supply chain planning system of record customer quote

Fast Supply Chain Planning Customer Quote

Know Sooner. Act Faster.
…In Every Supply Chain Process that RapidResponse Manages

RapidResponse has changed the way billion-dollar companies manage their supply chains, and it can transform S&OP and supply chain planning for you too. What would you gain if you could have the following at your fingertips?

  • Multi-tier demand and supply chain visibility
  • Long-term and short-term demand and supply chain planning
  • Supply chain risk identification and mitigation
  • What-if analysis and execution
  • Financial and operations performance management

Put RapidResponse to work and see the results.


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