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Calculating, in detail, the amount of labor and machine resources needed to achieve the production plan is no easy feat when you manage complex operations amid an environment of high volatility. The data required for capacity requirements planning, including routing, work center, and load information can be difficult to align with other supply chain processes such as demand, supply, and inventory planning.

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Connecting your work centers to the rest of your supply chain processes is critical to effectively plan for, monitor, and respond to change. You need to gain complete visibility and dynamically manage capacity and resource load at the operational level, with deep granularity.


Consolidate all supply chain data including those elements that support capacity requirements planning into one source. Easily identify work centers that are over or underutilized. Get real-time visibility into the impact of change on your resources. Collaborate with others to deal with work center issues that may be impacting your customer commitments.


Simulate long-range planning strategies, such as additional machines, and short-range capacity strategies, such as overtime. Simulate changes that impact resources and schedule commitments (e.g. customer demand increases or a machine failure).


Compare results of different capacity scenarios against key performance metrics to choose the scenario that produces the best overall outcome.

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The RapidResponse® Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP) application enables:

Visibility to CRP master data
Review in detail all information related to routings, work centers, and operations.

An infinite loading capacity model
Actively monitor the load created on workcenters and quickly identify overload and underload situations.

Simulation and consequence evaluation
Make changes to any elements of the master or planning data, and use scorecards and dashboards to compare results of different capacity scenarios to select the best option.

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With RapidResponse, you gain the  insight you need to expertly balance capacity with current business realities.


  • Meet demand with the most efficient resource utilization.
  • More responsive and profitable production operations.
  • Ensure high capital resources are utilized as effectively as possible.
  • Collaborate with others when responding to changes to capacity and the cross-functional impact on demand, supply, and inventory.
  • Eliminate ad-hoc spreadsheets typically used to manage the capacity requirements planning process.
  • Continually manage and monitor the data integrity of your capacity requirements planning process.

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