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As a material planner, you’re caught in a tug of war – aligning ever-changing demand plans against supply plans, which are often sideswiped with disruptions on a daily basis.

How often are you part of the demand planning process, ensuring plans are realistic? How much lag time is there before material planners are aware of supply or capacity changes? Time that could be spent reducing the negative impact of the unexpected.

Supply chain MRP runs, plans are in place and then new issues arise that need immediate attention. What’s the priority? What will have the greatest impact? It’s no surprise planners often have difficulty knowing where to start and what the options are for taking action.

Is there too much noise and not enough clear action?

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When simulations take several hours to coordinate, there is little opportunity to investigate and evaluate multiple action alternatives, let alone swiftly reach the ideal decision.

If planners receive alerts the instant demand or supply plans are out of alignment, they can take timely corrective action to avoid unfavorable results such as late customer demands and reduced margins. When you can collaborate around simulations that take seconds versus hours, the right actions become obvious in time to make a difference.

Prioritized supply actions

Supply actions need to be presented to the user based on the impact to corporate performance. 

Calculations on-demand

Planners must be able to rapidly simulate and recalculate supply chain MRP as they work through exceptions such as cancellations, expedites, new planned order releases and push outs or delays.

Resolution options

Planners must be armed with intelligent resolution option evaluation and embedded collaboration processes. 

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The RapidResponse® Supply Action Management application enables:

Exception-driven supply analysis dashboards
Through dashboard metrics, highlight supply actions for a production or material planner by type (e.g. expedite, new, cancel, delay).

Supply action priorities
Prioritize production and material planners' activities to focus on actions that are both manageable and will provide the greatest impact to corporate performance metrics such as revenue or margin. 

Identification of potential supply action resolution options
Be presented with resolution options by type to understand if alternatives exist, such as exploring an inventory transfer from another site, as opposed to manufacturing/purchasing additional supply. 

Simulation, collaboration and consequence analysis
In cases where decisions on supply actions cannot be made by the planner alone, collaborate and simulate actions with other individuals and groups to explore resolution alternatives, such as capacity increases, and alternative supply sources.

Transactional execution integration with ERP
Once you decide on actions related to purchase orders, purchase requisitions, work orders, allocations, or transfer orders, you can commit them  back to transactional systems such as ERP.

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With the RapidResponse Supply Action Management application, you can do material requirements planning in the same system as MPS, supply planning, capacity planning, inventory management, demand planning and supplier collaboration to ensure you meet all your cross-functional priorities.


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Faster identification and execution of priority supply actions.

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Broader and deeper evaluation of action alternatives.

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Focused effort and impact to corporate performance.

Lockheed Martin Equipping Users to Answer Their Own Supply Chain Questions

Lockheed Martin - Equipping Users to Answer Their Own Supply Chain Questions