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Often, the need to give a fast order fulfillment answer leads to committing to an order before really knowing if and/or when it can be delivered, and what the impact is on other orders and overall profitability. That is a risky predicament.

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As new customer orders come in and the status of existing orders change, you need to quickly and confidently make commitments... and then meet them.

Risk and opportunity alerts

Be immediately alerted to demands which are projected to be late and easily model new or changed customer orders.

Order fulfillment simulations

Analyze the options for order fulfillment, including re-prioritizing order, alternate sourcing, expediting order, re-allocating supply, item substitution or order / inventory transfers.

Profit-driven decisions

Model the financial and operational impact of alternatives and objectively compare their respective implications to margin, cost of goods sold, inventory and other metrics.

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The RapidResponse® Order Fulfillment application enables:

Customer service performance monitoring
Monitor key performance indicators (such as on-time to request/commit date, past due revenue, projected late revenue) with the ability to view metrics by different hierarchy selections (such as region, customer, product) to understand performance from multiple perspectives.

Big deal / order drop-in analysis
Simulate new order drop-ins by choosing an order configuration and evaluating the availability on the date requested (including incremental availability). Understand any gating material or capacity constraints and collaborate with others to assess the trade-offs and impact to other orders by accepting the new order. Once the best possible outcome is chosen, close the loop back into transactional systems such as ERP.

Revenue at risk analysis
Gain predictive visibility into revenue that is projected to ship late and understand why. Leverage dashboard metrics to highlight what has changed since the last time orders were reviewed, and get insight into the actions that will have the most impact in improving key business metrics.   Easily collaborate with others to try to resolve/mitigate the risks.

Order configuration or date change management (recommit process)
Evaluate the impact of changes, such as order pull-in requests or configuration changes. Through collaboration, trade-off analysis, and cost evaluation, choose the best option and commit the changes back into transactional systems.

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RapidResponse enables you to determine achievable delivery dates and consistently meet them, satisfying the customer while still supporting the company's business objectives and profitability targets.


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Superior responsiveness to customers with more reliable order fulfillment.

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Faster, more cost-effective decisions through cross-functional collaboration.

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Clearer, quicker insight into the financial and operational impact of order changes.

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An ability to maximize revenue opportunities to drive growth.


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