Supply chain evolution from vision to dramatic results

About Avaya

Avaya is a leading global provider of business collaboration and communication, with over $4B in annual revenues and with product/solution offerings in voice and telephony infrastructure, real-time video collaboration, contact center solutions, data networking, and implementation and integration services. Its history provides a long legacy of “open-source” innovation, from AT&T to Lucent to Avaya. The company has made over 15 corporate acquisitions since 2001, notably Nortel Enterprise Solutions and Radvision, and strategic partnerships with Google, VMWare and HP.

The Challenge and Benefit

Supply chain practitioners know their job is never over. The ultimate challenge is, given that there is always the next thing to do, deciding how your time is spent on the value scale. Do you spend your time reacting to events that shape your day and your schedule? Are you able to behave more proactively, pulling together the story to make critical decisions, and sometimes getting there and sometimes not? Or are you at the top of the value pyramid, where you are able to monitor critical data and make decisions in a predictive manner that drive improvements in your key metrics and processes?

Avaya’s supply chain transformation spanned the entire gamut from low-value activity at the start of its journey, to high-value activity in its current state, with further refinement on the horizon.

The decision was made to go with Kinaxis RapidResponse based on these key factors:



RapidResponse is user controlled, as opposed to solutions that are not configurable. The company was able to create a new workbook in an hour with the established Avaya approach.


Price was important, but not the sole criteria. Avaya was already invested, which made it an easier choice.



Connectivity across multiple boxes and speed of connectivity was a must-have criteria to create visibility in order to get its arms around the business.


Real-time adaptability

Real-time adaptability created flexibility in the analysis to plan and foresee.


Configurable and user friendly

Configurable and user friendly aspects of RapidResponse allow for user design. Avaya had the planning solution in place and saw the potential for further expansion and success.

Kinaxis has been a strong partner for Avaya, and the RapidResponse tool was a key enabler in our transformation success.

Avaya saw great results – you can too

Kinaxis delivers the agility to make fast, confident decisions across your integrated business planning and digital supply chain.

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