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2022年 03月 11日 | DeGroote School of Business

The Student Presentation Competition that Zhuang won was a new addition sponsored by Kinaxis. A supply chain management and sales and operation planning software company, Kinaxis has a commitment to work with academic institutions to help train professionals in this area.

2021年 02月 10日 | TechTarget

Technicolor Connected Home digitally transformed its manual supply chain operations with the Kinaxis supply chain platform, resulting in improved forecasting ability.

2021年 01月 14日 | Forbes

Do you want visibility or transparency? Polly Mitchell-Guthrie, posed that provocative question to supply chain professionals on her LinkedIn feed. Ms. Mitchell-Guthrie is the VP of Industry Outreach and Thought Leadership at Kinaxis. Kinaxis is a top supplier of supply chain planning software.

2021年 01月 12日 | Ottawa Business Journal

“People matter here. Music matters here. We needed to demonstrate our commitment to the music industry as a whole including the people behind the scenes and the artists themselves.” – John Sicard, CEO, Kinaxis

2021年 01月 11日 | Forbes

With the help of powerful advances in technology, business leaders are unifying supply chain and finance teams across everything from daily operations to long-term strategic planning. Firms in various industries are unlocking opportunities by shifting from manual and disconnected planning and data forecasts to “concurrent planning”—a technique based on synchronizing data and unifying teams to improve analytics and business insights. Under this technique, what was once static, calendar-driven planning can transform into agile, continuous reevaluation and data-driven decisions.

2020年 12月 21日 | Consumer Goods Technology

As with other industries, the COVID-19 pandemic crippled consumer goods supply chains. Customers became unsettled because common products disappeared off shelves with no promise of a restocking date. From toilet paper, hair dye and meat to exercise equipment, the list of items impacted seemed never ending, and the uncertainty of accessibility drove shoppers to extreme behavior, including hoarding and robbery.

2020年 12月 21日 | TechTarget

Developing a COVID-19 vaccine was only the first step in beating the pandemic. Now the supply chain must manage the challenges and complexities of getting those vaccines delivered.

2020年 11月 19日 | Logistics Viewpoints

The most recent McKinsey Global Survey on AI shows a 25% increase in use by companies over the prior year, a trend that shows no signs of slowing. At this pace, have we entered the Age of AI? Do we even need supply chain planners, or can we turn out the lights and go home, because we now live in a world of autonomous planning? The short answer is that planners are more important than ever, and not just because the hype may be ahead of the curve. According to the MHI Industry Annual Report, AI and machine learning adoption in supply chains is only 12% today, but the curve is expected to rise rapidly to 60% within five years. More importantly, while AI may promise the world driverless cars, supply chains still need humans in the driver’s seat. Although human hands need to remain on the wheel, it is time for a shift change. We are driving on a different kind of supply chain landscape these days, which calls for a different kind of planner.

2020年 11月 13日 | Forbes

In supply chain management, it is widely accepted that holding enough finished goods inventory to fulfill every order is just too costly. The thinking goes that at some point, improving service levels means you are not adding inventory in a linear manner but rather exponentially. Ipsen, a global bio-pharmaceutical company with $3 billion in annual revenues, disproves that.

2020年 11月 05日 | Supply & Demand Chain Executive

To prevent failure, leadership needs to consult with supply chain leaders and planners to determine the root causes of the issues that can be solved with technology’s help and choose the right approach for their organization.

2020年 10月 22日 | Channel Futures

Kinaxis partners early next year will have access to an enhanced global partner program — PartnerLink. The company expects it will be mutually beneficial to Kinaxis and its partner community.

2020年 10月 19日 | Channel Vision

Kinaxis has announced PartnerLink, an enhanced partner program designed to empower global partners to augment and extend services, sales, marketing and product capabilities to better support Kinaxis’ customers and foster mutual growth.

2020年 09月 25日 | Ottawa Business Journal

In a year that saw toilet paper become a precious commodity while sales of cars and other big-ticket merchandise plummeted, Kinaxis boss John Sicard has often said his company’s supply-chain management software is more relevant than ever.

It seems only fitting, then, that Sicard is being honoured as the city’s 2020 CEO of the Year by OBJ and the Ottawa Board of Trade.

2020年 09月 25日 | Bloomberg

Many Americans will celebrate Halloween this year sitting at home, costumeless, chowing down on candy. They might stand up every now and then to throw miniature chocolate bars at the neighbors.

Welcome to Halloween, Covid-19 edition.

2020年 09月 03日 | CIO Magazine

Global disruptions in the wake of COVID-19 have IT leaders accelerating adoption of data analytics to ensure supply chain effectiveness and integrity.

2020年 09月 01日 | Logistics Viewpoints

Now. Now is the time: now we have the sense of urgency, now we have the spotlight. The global pandemic has ripped the rug out from under supply chains but has also shed light on how supply chain management IS strategy, giving supply chains more prominence than ever. We are thrust forward into an unknown future and cannot afford to invest in returning to the old normal. Crises create opportunities while also begetting casualties. 

2020年 08月 20日 | Supply & Demand Chain Executive

A new partnership brings together Kinaxis RapidResponse supply chain planning platform and concurrent planning technique with Pactera Consulting’s dedicated digital consulting team.

2020年 08月 06日 | BNN Bloomberg

Shopify is not the only hot tech stock in Canada. Kinaxis is another one making waves -- the stock is up over 115 per cent this year. John Sicard, CEO of Kinaxis joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss.

2020年 07月 14日 | The Washington Post

As scientists race to test coronavirus vaccines in humans, a parallel scramble is underway to produce billions of medical-grade vials and syringes that will be needed to inoculate the world’s population.

2020年 07月 10日 | Logistics Business

Mobility specialist Alstom has renewed the contract for the use of Kinaxis RapidResponse to gain visibility and agility for its train manufacturing supply chain planning activities.

2020年 07月 07日 | Bloomberg

Software provider Kinaxis Inc. surged to a record high as it completed a deal for Rubikloud Technologies Inc. to boost its artificial intelligence capabilities.

2020年 06月 25日 | Supply Chain Matters

Last week, Supply Chain Matters sponsor Kinaxis conducted a themed Big Ideas in Supply Chain Online Conference- Planning for the New Normal, an online delivery conference with thankfully, no program accessibility glitches.

2020年 06月 15日 | Ottawa Citizen

Electronic commerce giant Shopify made so much noise crashing into the top ranks of Canada’s most valuable corporations you could be forgiven for not noticing the swift rise of another Ottawa software star.

2020年 06月 15日 | The Globe and Mail

Ottawa supply chain software provider Kinaxis Inc. is beefing up its machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities by buying Toronto startup Rubikloud Technologies Inc. for $60-million in cash.

2020年 06月 15日 | BetaKit

Toronto-based artificial intelligence (AI) startup Rubikloud will be acquired by Ottawa-based software company Kinaxis for $81.4 million CAD ($60 million USD).