What value does responsiveness offer to the organization?

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I am putting the final touches on my presentation for SCM World Live on February 24th – a free virtual event for cross-industry global supply chain executives.   SCM World Live is bringing together an impressive group of global supply chain, operations and procurement industry leaders in an interactive format.  There will 20+ speakers participating in the day. I have the great privilege to present alongside Dr. Hau Lee of Stanford on a topic that I am particularly passionate about:  Matching Supply and Demand with ‘Sensible Sense and Responsive Response’ It’s a timely discussion aimed at answering questions like:

  • How can we correctly interpret demand signals and make sense of them smartly?
  • How can we enable the entire supply chain to react accurately and quickly?
  • What are the key elements of agility?
  • What value does responsiveness offer to the organization?

I recognize that there are individuals who might still believe they can plan their way out of a volatile or chaotic supply chain. It is my hope that this presentation will serve to highlight the new innovations in process and technology that make response management a far more potent cure for companies living with supply chain pain. Find out all the details here.  Why wait? Register today!

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