Some Friday fun - A Kindle for your chaos!

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We are having some fun on our Supply Chain Expert Community - come join in! 

For the month of February, we are inviting community members to tell their personal stories of sudden supply chain chaos for a chance to win an Amazon Kindle.  And really, who doesn't have a story!  What's the craziest, unexpected supply chain event you've ever encountered?  Do you remember a time when you thought 'there is no way we're getting out of this?"  How about describing a day, where at every turn, you were faced with some crisis?  Come share....come vent... come bond! If you aren't already, register as a community member (don't worry, it's fast and free).  Once registered,  start a new thread on the discussion board (under 'Discuss Supply Chain' navigation button).   Post your supply chain tale. During the first week of March 2010, Kinaxis will select the top 25 stories, then community members will vote for the winners.  (You can rally members to vote for you, and invite your colleagues to do the same.)  The 10 stories with the most votes will win Amazon Kindles!  (All the details are here) Have fun!


Paul Boudreau
- 2月 19, 2010 at 3:54午後
I was the planning manager at a technology company in Ottawa, Canada, that wanted to diversify its supplier base. The company reduced the amount of internal manufacturing and sourced about seventy-five percent of a high volume, critical product to a large manufacturer in Europe. The product was very sensitive to the manufacturing process and the technology transfer of the product seemed to be going well. We were three months into an internal volume ramp down with new deliveries flowing in from the new supplier when the first defective part was discovered from a customer return. The company now had three months of high volume defective components on the shelves, furious customers, and no visibility into future supply. When the defect was fixed and the internal and outsourced supply slowly starting to recover, it was the planning group that managed the panic for the next several months. I am reminded of spring when the mother bird flies with a mouthful of food toward her nest of screaming chicks.

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