Who are the Kinaxis Bloggers? 5 questions with John Sicard

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Continuing with our 'behind the blogger' series, here is this week's edition of our Friday five-question interview.  Under the spotlight is our very own John Sicard, executive vice president, marketing, development and service operations for Kinaxis. 

Where did you grow up? My father was Air Force Military, so we moved around a lot – seems every 2 years or so we would be stationed at a different base. Things settled down when I was a late teen, and spent the longest time in Montreal, Quebec, which is where I went to university and met my wife—the love of my life. Favorite book, movie or song? Favorite song: U2 – Miracle Drug Favorite movies: “Groundhog Day” and Giuseppe Tornatore’s “Cinema ParadisoFavorite motivational quote?If you’re going to do a thing, do it best” ...from my father, who taught me that mediocrity should never be my goal, when mowing the lawn, doing dishes, painting a room, cleaning the garage or washing the car. But this lesson especially resonates when raising my children. What book are you reading now? A synopsis of James Hollis’ “What Matters Most: Living a More Considered LifeWhat single piece of counsel would you offer to your colleagues in supply chain for the remainder of 2010? Don’t settle for legacy approaches to emerging supply chain challenges – join the global social discussion with your peers to discover where the next breakthrough will come from – start here: community.kinaxis.com!

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