How do you collaborate with your suppliers to synchronize the supply chain?

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Another excellent webcast is coming up, this one featuring a Cisco Systems case study. If you're facing increasing complexity in your supply chain, and you are finding that it's more necessary than ever for you to collaborate across your entire supply network -- including working closely with suppliers, value-add vendors, and manufacturing partners - this webcast is a "must-attend" event. Collaborative planning with suppliers is a strategic best practice used by market leaders to align their end-to-end supply chains. Although most companies don't have a formal planning process with component suppliers, there are many benefits your company can realize from collaborative planning:

  • You'll gain increased visibility into supplier capacity and constraints
  • Your suppliers will be able to see the true demand picture, and can use the information for better planning
  • Regular collaborative sessions with suppliers will highlight opportunities for the best use of available supply and capacity

In this live webinar, you'll:

  • Learn firsthand from manufacturing leader, Cisco Systems. Cisco supply planning manager Chalam Kalahasti will discuss Cisco's approach towards collaborative planning with its suppliers
  • Hear how to implement an effective collaborative planning process with suppliers from Mithun Samani, Manager with PRTM Management Consulting

Here are the details. Sign up today! Collaborating with your Suppliers to Synchronize the Supply Chain 1 hour Live Webinar (Live Webinar, Sponsored by Kinaxis) Wednesday, September 22, 2010 - 2:00 p.m. EDT Speakers:

  • Adrienne Selko, Online Editor, IndustryWeek
  • Chalam Kalahasti, Senior Manager, Demand Management and Planning, Customer Value Chain Management, Cisco
  • Mithun Samani, Manager, PRTM
  • Kerry Zuber, Director, Solutions Consulting, Kinaxis


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