S&OP stumbling block: Volume only plans are often infeasible at the mix level

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I grabbed our flip cam the other day and caught up with both Trevor Miles (director, industry and applications marketing) and Kerry Zuber (director, business consulting) to ask them some questions around S&OP. Of course, they had lots to say, but we managed to boil it down to about 3 1/2 minutes. Check out the video on the community to hear their thoughts on how and why S&OP is evolving. One particular issue they address is the notion of volume vs. mix planning.  As they state...

One of the stumbling blocks is that volume only plans are often infeasible at the mix level and therefore lose credibility within the organization. The challenge becomes in the ability to translate that volume level data to an operational plan - one that can be executed on.  For many companies, they don't have the tools to simply perform that translation.
Come hear more....

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