Which industry analyst firm is the most influential in the supply chain space?

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There are a couple of items of interest on the Supply Chain Expert Community that I thought I would share.  We have a poll currently running asking the question of: Which is the most influential analyst firm in the supply chain space?  It's early days in the poll, so nothing close to statistically valid yet, but come vote (need to take 10 seconds to register as a community member if you are not already one) We'd love to get a collective view on this.  Hit this page and scroll down to see poll.  If you have specific comments to make, there is also a discussion thread found here. And for FUN (because that's our style), we also have a contest running entitled "What's Your Six Word Job Description?" There have been some pretty creative submissions; some personal favorites include:

  • Referee between sales and finance. Help!
  • Optimize consumption of headache pills!
  • See it, Solve it, Save us!!

Come join in on the fun....and win a Toshiba Mini Netbook by doing so!  Again, you need to be a community member to contribute - take 10 seconds to register  if you haven't already.  Contest ends on Friday, December 17th.

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