Baxter: End-to-end supply chain visibility

About Baxter

Baxter creates products to help patients manage life threatening diseases. It’s essential for Baxter to ensure products are always available whenever and wherever patients need them. However, the company’s legacy supply chain planning software gave it narrow visibility into distributors’ operations and limited capabilities to help automate reporting.

The challenge and benefit

Baxter’s adoption of Kinaxis RapidResponse was an opportunity to optimize all parts of its supply chain. Baxter started by training and certifying planners in RapidResponse to guarantee smooth implementation. Now, planners are empowered to make a difference. With RapidResponse, Baxter and its planners have automated day-to-day tasks, created more time for analysis and improved collaboration with distributors. The result: Visibility across its supply chain like it never had before. These changes have led to better planning and forecasting with less risk of shortages or stock outs.

End to end visibility and scenarios with RapidResponse

Kinaxis is a better way for working with end-to-end supply chains because of the ability to run scenarios. It just makes a massive difference to what we're doing."

Ian Smith, Program Director, Global Supply Chain Planning & Deployment, Baxter
Baxter saw great results, why can't you?