Casio & Kinaxis

About Casio

Casio Computer Co. Ltd. is one of the leading consumer electronics companies in the world. Since its establishment in 1957, Casio has been active in the development of electronic calculators, timepieces, musical instruments, LCD TVs, pagers and other communications devices. Casio’s corporate activities are guided by the motto: “Creativity and Contribution.”

The Challenge and Benefit

It is critical for a company with a diverse product group like Casio to continually deliver cutting-edge products to meet demanding consumer needs. To do this the company needs to ensure manufacturing operations efficiency and visibility of information across multiple departments and operations. They also have to constantly find opportunities to reduce supplier lead times so that products, especially new products, get to market faster.

With RapidResponse, Casio can now collaborate and respond rapidly to any changes in supply and demand, resulting in shortened lead times and reduced inventory levels.

With RapidResponse, material, logistics and manufacturing operations efficiency is increased and information sharing is dramatically improved.

Atsushi Yazawa General Manager, Information Technology Department, Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
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