Celestica & Kinaxis

About Celestica & Kinaxis

As a global enterprise, Celestica has operations in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Likewise, Celestica customers also operate from various geographies. Often times, there will be different Celestica sites around the globe that ultimately serve the same customer, creating a complex network of interactions. In addition, Celestica’s customers work in a highly dynamic environment, and, as such, Celestica needs to be able to respond quickly to changes in end-market demand.

In this volatile environment, there are obvious challenges to synchronizing supply chains so that all sites are coordinated in their processes, and can cleanly interface with each other. Celestica was looking for a solution that would allow them to establish one global standard for available-to- promise (ATP) and clear-to-build (CTB) capabilities.

Previous to leveraging Kinaxis® RapidResponse®, Celestica had a variety of ATP and CTB capabilities. However, there was a need for the company to improve its level of analytics and reduce planning latency. With a spirit of continuous improvement, increasing the speed with which information can be processed and shared will always be a highly valued initiative for the company.

Celestica is committed to responding to a customer request as quickly as possible. For example, if Celestica is asked to assess if they can absorb a short-term increase in requirements for a particular product, the answer can’t just be to include a best available date for that product, it must be a comprehensive assessment of how that might affect other products that share the same material.

Kinaxis offered the necessary ATP and CTB capabilities, and with a superior level of speed, flexibility, and scalability, thus RapidResponse could better support the company’s internal planning teams and their respective customer accounts.

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