Keysight Technologies: Fighting fire with simulations case study

About Keysight Techonologies

Keysight Technologies is the world’s leading provider of electronic measurement solutions. When a devastating wildfire stopped operations at California headquarters, Keysight relied on Kinaxis® RapidResponse® to adapt on the fly and keep the supply chain moving.

The Challenge and Benefit

The Tubbs wildfire of October 2017 remains one of the most destructive in California history. It killed 22 people and destroyed 5,600 structures, including the homes of 119 Keysight employees and two auxiliary Keysight office buildings. All buildings on-site suffered smoke and/or water damage. For a company with a deep, complex global supply chain — 11,000 components assembled into more than 1,500 different products at 10 sites worldwide — the impact could have been devastating. But Keysight had built disaster preparedness into its operations, in part using RapidResponse. “Plans are necessary. Simulations are valuable,” says Technology Supply Chain Manager Jason Wisler. “And RapidResponse is a key enabler around this whole infrastructure.”

Kinaxis was absolutely essential. It enabled us to react immediately to the pressing issues of the next day, day two, day three.

Jason Wisler, Technology Supply Chain Manager, Keysight Technologies
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