Nimble Storage:在庫管理で可視化とプランニングを改善

About Nimble Storage

Demands from enterprises for better data storage performance and protection continues to grow. As a leading provider of flash-optimized data storage solutions, Nimble Storage makes it possible for IT to keep up with these demands. The result is high-performance, efficient storage for mainstream IT applications, ranging from midsize deployments with hundreds of users to large enterprises with thousands of employees.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Nimble Storage is a rapidly growing company with a powerful support model that is unique in their industry. The company has a commitment to deliver the highest level of support and customer satisfaction in the storage industry with around-the-clock resources and four hour onsite parts replacement service. At Nimble Storage, service support is a critical part of the business strategy and is often the main reason customers operating under mission critical environments decide to leverage their services.

The Challenge and Benefit

With customer satisfaction as the critical focus for the service function, and their install base getting larger, the company faced challenges getting visibility into its more than 70 global inventory hubs and spare parts depots for its service parts planning business. Prior to leveraging Kinaxis® RapidResponse®’s inventory management capabilities, Nimble was using a spreadsheet-based process to manage its service parts planning business.Data was imported and copied from a variety of sources and some of the key data was maintained only in Excel spreadsheets.

The main users of RapidResponse at Nimble are from service logistics for spares planning. Data is automatically collected daily from the following sources: CRM, ERP and 3rd party data sources. The implementation of RapidResponse has shifted the focus of the process to pro-active analysis and quicker execution. Further, the spares planning process is now performed daily and can be completed in less than 30 minutes (a savings of 7.5 hours per week). With a cloud-based inventory management application in place, the business process has changed in the following ways:

  • Excel is no longer used for spares planning
  • All data sources are consolidated automatically
  • More time spent on analysis, not data entry and validation

Nimble’s world-class customer service agreements are incredibly important to our business. As a past RapidResponse user, I know the breadth of capabilities and the flexibility of the solution. With RapidResponse deployed, we have the confidence we can keep up with our growing install base to achieve visibility of inventory at hubs, depots and parts in transit. We have the ability to quickly perform many “what-if” questions we face on a daily basis and have already reduced the time to make decisions to help our relationships with our customers.”

Stacey Cornelius, VP of Operations, Nimble Storage
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