Sonus Networks:情報共有により需要計画を改善

About Sonus Networks

Sonus brings intelligence and security to real-time communications. By helping the world embrace the next generation of cloud-based Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and 4G/LTE solutions, Sonus enables and secures latency-sensitive, mission critical traffic for Voice-over-IP, video, instant messaging and online collaboration. With Sonus, enterprises can give priority to real-time communications based on smart business rules while service providers can offer reliable, comprehensive and secure on-demand network services to their customers.

The Challenge and Benefit

Committed to delivering cutting-edge products in a rapidly evolving industry, Sonus was faced with the challenge of meeting customer demands in a timely and efficient manner. Struggling with the reality of not being able to easily consolidate data from multiple sources, they were dealing with delays in understanding the impact of changes to their supply and demand plans. These data syncing issues also made running real-time sales and operations (S&OP) meetings virtually impossible. Finding what needed attention was painful and slow.

RapidResponse has enabled Sonus to improve daily operations in demand and supply management, inventory optimization, and S&OP. Sonus is now able to provide customers with real-time feedback on order change requests and RapidResponse has revolutionized Sonus’ management of potential new sales opportunities.

In essence, Sonus has been able to close the loop on their supply and demand plans, allowing for rapid collaborative change management and the ability to simultaneously plan, monitor and respond. Key decision makers across all departments now see the same information at the same time, instead of struggling to reconcile disparate Excel spreadsheets and data. What’s more, thanks to enhanced visibility and alert monitoring, they no longer have to wait for the next monthly planning cycle to respond to changes or course correct.


The most significant value we have seen from using RapidResponse is the time savings. Before we used to spend days manually entering data into our enterprise resource planning tool and various Excel spreadsheets to generate our forecasts. Now in RapidResponse we complete the same task within hours while providing more in-depth analysis."

Laure Morgan, S&OP Demand Planning Manager, Sonus Networks
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