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About Metanet Global

Metanet Global delivers an array of valuable end-to-end services in the customer journey to cloud (Direct-Design-Build-Manage-Optimize) for successful digital transformation. Our services range from strategy consulting, cloud application integration, FinOps, DevOps, and business competency outsourcing (BCO) to our SaaS offering.

With these services, our customers from over 40 industries, including electronics, communications, cutting-edge technology, finance, manufacturing, distribution, heavy industry, automobile, energy, materials, and chemicals, have achieved impressive results through corporate innovation. From the experience and technical know-how we acquired in the process, we now have a wealth of differentiated assets and ecosystems. We have developed a reputation as a digital service integrator that does not simply provide IT services but accompanies customers as they begin their digital transformation.

As we move forward, Metanet Global will expand our global business and diversify our service offerings through strategic investment, ultimately becoming a premium business partner for the best digital transformation journey not just in Korea but also in Asia.

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