Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program

At Kinaxis, we’re truly committed to contributing to sustainable development. The foundation of our CSR program aligns with our corporate values and is modeled on the seven social responsibility core subjects of the International Organization for Standardization Guideline for Social Responsibility (ISO 26000).

At Kinaxis, we’re truly committed to contributing to sustainable development.

The foundation of our CSR Program aligns with our corporate values: 

  • Be real: We are authentic and respectful, and we act with integrity.
  • Be empowered: We are an empowered group of problem-solvers, thinkers and doers.
  • Stronger together: We know the whole is greater than the sum of our parts.
  • Laugh often: We laugh, have fun and joke around – it’s how we build meaningful relationships.
  • Be customer-centric: We feel great pride in and a deep connection to our customers – both internal and external.
  • Be a global citizen: We are connected as a global team, active in our communities and here to make the world better.

Organizational Governance

Kinaxis has developed a system of processes, practices and policies which reinforce the guiding principles that employees operate under, including, but not limited to, ethical conduct and workplace safety. Integrity and respect form one of our core values, and they are vitally important to maintaining our company’s position as market leader. Kinaxis continues to nurture and maintain the trust of all of its stakeholders, including the communities in which we operate. 

Gaining trust starts with understanding the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy and then putting it in to practice every day. This policy explains our ethical standards and how we conduct business on behalf of Kinaxis.

Community Involvement and Development

Kinaxis and its employees are dedicated to our roles as responsible corporate citizens. As a global leader in our industry, we have a great responsibility to give back to our communities around the world, whether it be through monetary support or voluntary commitment, we support community involvement and development, health, education and innovation. Our corporate giving programs help ensure we direct our resources where the most impact will be made. Our Autism at Work program supports our mandate to ensure 1% of our employee population hired is on the autism spectrum. Our annual Hackathon helps support local food banks and other charitable causes. We support hospital and healthcare foundations in many countries we operate in and have a compassionate giving program. We work closely with local universities to have strong coop programs, and our Coop Ambassador program funds students when they return to school. 

The Environment

Kinaxis is committed to protecting the environment and reducing waste. Wherever possible, Kinaxis promotes the efficient use of energy and natural resources, innovative solutions to reduce emissions or pollutants, and environmentally safe disposal methods. To this end, Kinaxis:

  • Assesses the impact that its activities have on the locations where it operates, its generation of pollutions and waste, as well as its impact on natural habitats.
  • Designed and implemented a Share the Air policy to limit pollutants in the workplace.
  • Follows the principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle as the primary initiative to support our environmental responsibilities. For example, in various locations, Kinaxis has: 
  • Implemented recycling programs in our offices
  • Installed drinking water filtration systems to reduce the use of bottled water
  • Encourages carpooling and use of public transport
  • Strongly encourages the use of software technology wherever possible to enable employee and team collaboration across the globe, thereby reducing the need for business travel
  • Implemented follow the sun and motion detected lighting technology for lighting in major locations
  • Established an online marketplace for employees to buy sell and trade items

As part of our mandate to help organizations thrive in a digital world, Kinaxis is proud to have significantly reduced the world’s reliance on paper and physical storage facilities through the implementation and use of various software solutions. 

Human Rights

  • At Kinaxis, our human rights policies and efforts are focused on respecting the rights of all employees. We encourage a healthy, open and inclusive working environment in which employees, vendors, partners and customers respect the value of human life and support social progress. Kinaxis has policies in place to support human rights, including:
  • The Occupational Health and Safety Policy applies to all employees and ensures that employees are provided with a safe and healthy working environment. Kinaxis recognizes that an effective health and safety program is an integral part of every job activity in all of its operations.
  • The Whistleblower Policy is committed to maintaining a workplace in which employees, officers, and directors can raise concerns on a confidential basis, free from discrimination, retaliation, or harassment, anonymously or otherwise.
  • The Positive Workplace Policy ensures all employees will have employment free from discrimination, harassment, and violence.
  • Kinaxis Talent Acquisition principles and processes support the equal treatment of applicants and/or employees. Being an equal opportunity employer has significant positive results in attracting and engaging talent.
  • The Accommodation Policy and Accessibility Policy ensures that employees with a need for accommodation are recognized and barriers to their performance are removed wherever possible.

Labour Practices

Kinaxis values and respects its employees across the globe. We are committed to providing direction for and leadership to our own people through the development and support of labour guidelines, policies and practices designed to benefit both individuals and the company. We encourage the organizations we do business with to follow these principles and respect the privilege and responsibility to uphold them as employers. To this end, Kinaxis:

  • Is a multi-year winner, recognized as one of Canada’s Top 25 SMB Employers based on provisions for working conditions and a family-friendly environment.
  • Is a multi-year winner, recognized as one of Canada’s Top 25 Employers for Young People based on innovative and flexible programs.
  • Creates an environment based on mutual respect that is conductive to higher levels of productivity, teamwork and collaboration.
  • Supports an ‘employment equitable’ work environment, free from discrimination of any kind. All employees share in their responsibility. Our working environment will, at all times, be supportive of the dignity and self-esteem of its employees.
  • Puts policies in place to prevent discrimination, communicates these policies and ensures that all employees participate in training. For example, the Positive Workplace Policy explains that harassment or discrimination of any kind undermines the integrity of our culture and will not be tolerated. All individuals have a right to work in a harassment-free, discrimination-free and violence- free workplace.
  • Pays competitive wages for all employees, regardless of lack of government legislation in certain countries.
  • Provides a Flexible Vacation Policy for all employees, regardless of length of tenure or jurisdiction

Fair Operating Practices

Kinaxis is committed to conducting its business ethically and in compliance with the letter and spirit of all applicable laws. Each Kinaxis employee is responsible for maintaining this standard of excellence by acting with courage, integrity, honesty and respect. Kinaxis pledges to conduct business fairly, to promote fair competition, and to hold itself accountable for its own ethical practices. 

The Kinaxis Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy explains our ethical standards, how we apply fair operating practices and how employees conduct business on behalf of Kinaxis. We have several other policies in place that govern our operating practices, including but not limited to:

  • Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy
  • Insider Trading Policy
  • Commitment to providing full, fair, accurate, timely, and understandable disclosure in all public communications, including the reports and documents filed with applicable regulatory bodies under our Disclosure Policy
  • Data Privacy via the Social Media and IT Use Policy

Customer Issues

Combined with our Human Rights policies, Kinaxis endeavors to provide world-class customer service, so that our customers can maximize their investments in Kinaxis solutions and services. 

Our relationships with our customers are central to our success, as seen by our core values. Specific programs that nurture these relationships include:

  • An online community and forum for our customers to learn, share knowledge and connect with others.
  • Accessible Customer Service Plan ensures customers of all abilities can access our support and customer care teams.
  • Mission Critical Customer Care program brings decades of software expertise to our largest customers through a variety of programs and services focused on helping them plan, deploy and maintain their Kinaxis solutions.