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We measure our success by our customer's success. At Kinaxis, we take great pride in delivering supply chain solutions that help our customers realize new business breakthroughs and tangible operations performance results.  Here are a few customer case study examples.


Adeptron (now Artaflex) Employs Kinaxis RapidResponse to Optimize Customer Service and Responsiveness within Unpredictable Electronics Market.

“We believe our success is dependent upon our ability to build a business that is entirely structured around providing solutions to our customers' challenges and being responsive to their changing demands. RapidResponse has not only strengthened our ability to deliver on that commitment, but has also benefited our business by improving our overall operations performance.”

Agilent Control Tower Case Study

Agilent: The Power of a Control Tower
(by Supply Chain Quarterly)

Agilent Technologies' 'control tower' - an information hub linking the instrument maker with its suppliers to provide inventory visibility - has helped the company deftly model parts availability, manage order promising, and counteract parts shortages during a natural disaster.

Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies: Establishing a New View of the Extended Supply Chain

"If a demand forecast is highly accurate, 90% and above, everybody executing to the plan will produce good results. But the challenge is not that everybody can't execute to a plan, it's that they need the ability to respond to changes due to the volatility. You may have forecasted a certain item but the actual order came in with a different configuration. If the whole supply chain had executed to the original plan, you now cannot fulfill the customer order. It is in these moments that one must quickly assess the situation and ask and answer the question of "now what happens?"


Casio Responds to Continuous Supply and Demand Changes in Real Time

"With RapidResponse, material, logistics, and manufacturing operations efficiency is increased and information sharing is dramatically improved."


Celestica: Dramatic Gains in Order Promise Efficiency and Responsiveness

They have realized an approximate 15% gain in efficiency in its planning function. Celestica operates Customer Focused Teams (CFT) — a group of staff across disciplines (planners, buyers, manufacturing engineers etc.) that collectively serve a particular customer account. In its first account to go live with Rapid Response, the CFT’s supply chain function achieved a decrease of approximately 35 hours a week.

EMS Provider

Electronics Manufacturing Services Provider Reduces Response Times to Customer Demand Changes by 80 Percent

Deployed globally across the company, RapidResponse increased the company’s on-time delivery performance by 40 percent in just eight months.

First Solar

First Solar: Achieving End-to-End Supply Chain Alignment

“The implementation of RapidResponse as our single demand planning tool has given us the cross-functional visibility that we never had before and has opened up the opportunity for us to replace our siloed goals with common goals and objectives across planning functions.”


Hubbell Lighting Focuses Spotlight on Supply Chain Management Strategies amid Dim Economic Conditions

“What-if” scenarios (used for procurement in particular) can be done in a matter of minutes, and empower front-line staff to make the most profitable (or least costly) decisions quickly.

MC Assembly

MC Assembly Establishes Real-time Supply Chain within High Velocity Environment

“Inventory turns have doubled and our excess/obsolete inventory is at an all time low. Our customers feel secure in knowing that we are managing the supply chain and not letting it manage us!”


MTD Powers Supply Chain Responsiveness with RapidResponse

“The solution has been integral to MTD's reduction in safety stock and lead times, as well as in providing more accurate promise dates for finished goods and early identification of potential stock outs on components.”