Our Customers

Our Customers

Kinaxis helps billion-dollar companies transform their supply chains to achieve breakthroughs.

Here are some of the companies that have made RapidResponse their platform of choice for integrated supply chain planning, visibility and response.

They chose Kinaxis for good reasons

Most of our customers have SAP® or Oracle® as their ERP systems and execution-backbone. Yet they all came to us to solve an urgent need. 

Faced with growing volatility, these global leaders found themselves in a new era of surprise and compromise. They needed a better way to manage enterprise-wide planning.

Kinaxis delivers on that need. Our RapidResponse platform balances the end-to-end supply chain continuously and instantly. You'll get clarity into all S&OP and supply chain planning areas at once – from a single platform, data model and interface. 

With RapidResponse, our customers can:

  • Plan: Connect data, processes and people without relying on IT so everyone works in-sync from up-to-date global data 
  • Monitor: See and understand the immediate impact of any change across your entire supply chain 
  • Respond: Make real-time decisions and align teams around a common goal 
Cut planning cycle in half

RapidResponse has reduced the cycle time for producing a supply plan for operations by half, while allowing for greater supply/operational plan accuracy.

IT Systems Analyst, Large Enterprise Telecommunications Company
Increased efficiency

We’ve seen planner efficiency gains of 40%+ with RapidResponse.

Executive, Large Enterprise Electronics Company
Enabling breakthroughs in productivity

40% of surveyed organizations increased productivity by at least 100% with RapidResponse.

Survey of 87 users of RapidResponse

Achieve these types of outcomes with RapidResponse

Analysis of changes to build plans reduced

Clear-to-build assessments reduced


Assessment of demand plan variation reduced


New (big) order assessment and commit process reduced


S&OP scenario creation and analysis reduced




Operations performance









Planning cycle reduced


The world’s best companies use RapidResponse to manage supply chain volatility.