Speed and accuracy through unique fusion of heuristics, optimization and machine learning


The next chapter in advanced analytics is here

Supply chains are facing unprecedented pressure. The pace of change is accelerating. Vast amounts of data are overwhelming decision-makers. Supply chain planners and leaders are being pulled in opposite directions, caught in the decades old struggle between making an accurate decision, or making a fast one. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Part of the Kinaxis Maestro™ (formerly known as RapidResponse®)️ platform, Planning.AI represents the next big leap in the use of advanced analytics for supply chain planning. Now there’s no need to choose between heuristics or optimization. Planning.AI lets you put the power of heuristics AND optimization to use to easily solve the same problem all while using machine learning to continuously improve the outcome. You get the right balance of accuracy and speed for the ultimate in supply chain agility.


Solve complex problems

Broaden the types of problems you can solve by fusing multiple advanced analytical approaches.


Respond at the speed of business

Accelerate optimization by using heuristics to warm-start the process, making accurate decision-making faster.


Turn analytics into value

Empower your team and maximize the potential of your supply chain, all while increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing costs.


Continuously improve decision-making

Capture insights thanks to a built-in machine leaning to drive more accurate results faster, every time you solve a similar problem.


Overcome talent shortages

Detect and combine the right analytical approaches automatically, without the need for a team of data scientists or deep analytical expertise.

Amplify analytics across your supply chain

Combine our unique concurrent planning technique with the full power of Planning.AI to mature your planning processes and drive next-level business results across your end-to-end supply chain.


Take the guesswork out of demand forecasting.

Empower planners with highly accurate demand forecasts across all horizons using machine-learning based forecasting and sensing, while leveraging analytics, insights, and exception-based workflows to prioritize high value-add work. Incorporate the true drivers of your demand with both internal and external signals. Improve the starting point for your demand and supply plans with more accurate forecasts. Use confidence scores to focus consensus forecasting effort across the organization.


Drive costs out of your supply chain.

Balance trade-offs incorporating cost, revenue, on-time delivery, capacity and more using new modeling approaches and analytical solvers. Harness existing master data. Leverage flexible business objectives. Plan at any level of granularity. With Supply.AI you can solve a wide variety of business problems, including could-be-built to maximize margin by determining what products to build and how given available supplies and uncommitted capacity, and common blend, which lets you make the best use of available APIs and select the optimal processing techniques to maximize total demand satisfied.


Enhance performance and reduce risk.

The Self-Healing Supply Chain takes your ability to know sooner and act faster even further by examining supply chain design assumptions, comparing those with actual performance and then closing the gap automatically using machine learning. Spot potential issues sooner. Project future impacts on your business faster. And realize increased profitability with automatic monitoring and adjustments.

Innovative brands trust Kinaxis

Companies across industries and of all sizes and maturity levels trust us to help them intelligently take control of their integrated business planning and digital supply chain. From moving off Excel to complete digital transformations, read our customer success stories to see how Kinaxis delivers proven results.

Dr Reddys
Analytics Innovation
We expect Planning.AI to help us better support our customers by quickly and accurately determining the best combination of products that could be built using projected on hand inventory. This will help reduce customer's excess and obsolete materials and significantly improve our planning flexibility in RapidResponse.”
Mary Simpkins, SCM Processes & Applications Consultant,

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