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Don’t let late shipments and stretched lead times put your sales growth and key customer relationships at risk. With Kinaxis Production Scheduling by PlanetTogether, you can effortlessly optimize factory resources, boost manufacturing efficiency and meet customer expectations faster than ever before.

This solution extension combines the detailed production scheduling capabilities of PlanetTogether with the awesome power of Maestro’s (formerly known as RapidResponse®)️ concurrent planning platform – for complete visibility of how disruptions will impact your supply chain anytime, anywhere. Through seamless integration, you’ll be able to drive instant visibility between planners and schedulers to unleash the full potential of your manufacturing plants and quickly adapt to changes in production sequence. Respond with agility to demand changes. Operate efficiently. And ship on time.


Improve delivery performance

Create realistic production schedules that optimize capacity and material usage to meet customer demand.


Increase visibility and avoid disruptions

Integrate fast, collaborative plant schedule development with your corporate planning objectives.


Maximize business performance

Use clear metrics to drive scheduling and decision-making that’s aligned with your enterprise’s financial goals.


Reduce risk and improve standardization

Synchronize across plants and departments by capturing company knowledge and systematizing best practices into one planning and scheduling platform.

Respond with agility. Operate efficiently. Ship on time.

Scheduling optimization

Dramatically improve on-time delivery, shop floor productivity, inventory turns and scheduler productivity.

Seamless integration with Maestro

See the impact of moving production from one plant to another or spreading the load across multiple plants all within the RapidResponse platform.

Automated workflows

Effortlessly pull forward production orders to maximize capacity usage and synchronize production plans and schedules across the supply chain.

About PlanetTogether

PlanetTogether makes it easier to manage your orders, capacity and inventory. With PlanetTogether’s top-rated planning and scheduling software, multi-plant manufacturers can improve on-time delivery, shop floor productivity, inventory turns, planner productivity and visibility by at least 50%. Since its founding in 2004, PlanetTogether has retained its laser focus on solving manufacturing planning and scheduling challenges with its Advanced Planning, Scheduling & Analytics software platform and related support services. For more information, please visit

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