Fuel your global supply chain to drive winning results

Driving success in an ever-changing terrain

Emerging and disruptive technologies, changing customer preferences, new sustainability regulations, rapidly changing tariff policies and general political uncertainty. How can automotive organizations not just weather this uncertain terrain, but drive success despite it?

With Kinaxis RapidResponse, automotive leaders are using concurrent planning to create smart solutions to everyday challenges and the broader disruptions facing the industry. A connected end-to-end supply chain synchronizes data, people and processes across the network. When everyone is united around a single source of truth, functions across the organization can make confident decisions that advance the business’s interests.




What makes our technology right for you?

Increased visibility

True end-to-end visibility across your global supply chain breaks down silos, so the entire operation becomes more strategic. A change at one end of the supply chain is reflected up and down the network, so each function can know of challenges sooner and act faster.

Stronger supplier collaboration

Tight alignment throughout the production process, between hundreds of suppliers and thousands of parts, helps companies collaborate to meet customer demand. Better communication results in fewer errors and delays.

Agile scenario analysis

Scenario-based planning lets you evaluate multiple options before implementing a change. When you understand the impacts across the enterprise, you can make smarter, confident decisions. The speed of our analysis empowers your company to take a more agile, responsive approach to volatility.

Increased forecast accuracy

Always-on analytics helps you assess the impact of unexpected changes to demand, supply or capacity as soon as they happen. You can start working on solutions instantly, so there’s no more wasted time and resources.

What-next scenarios for a innovative future

Yamaha has a rich history of performance innovation under constantly changing market conditions. With the ability to build what-next scenarios based on both financial and operational metrics, we will align our end-to-end supply chain to respond faster to a changing market landscape and ensure customers have great experiences making memories with Yamaha Motor products for years to come.

Takahiro Imanishi, General Manager Demand Chain Innovation Division, Yamaha Motor