Love what you do

User experience that makes decision-making easy no matter your role.

Designed with people in mind

Extensible and scalable, Maestro™ (formerly known as RapidResponse®) is designed to deliver all the capabilities you need to grow and succeed. At Kinaxis, we build software that people love to use, so you can confidently hire, train, and retain the best talent in the industry.

Use Maestro's native generative AI interface to quickly navigate and make decisions. Want to know something? Just ask Maestro. In your own words. In your own language. And get an answer you can trust.

UI was never more intuitive.

Work smarter, not harder

Generative AI interface

Get answers in an instant.

Spend less time reading the manual and more time doing with a natural language interface that uses AI to translate material into your native language making it even easier to understand. You know your business and objectives. You shouldn’t also need to be a data scientist or programmer to know how to use the tools at hand. With Maestro you can ask questions about your data and create new resources intuitively.

Personalized user experience

Get the most out of your day.

We’ve made it simple for anyone – no matter their role – to know where to focus and what steps to take next. From the moment you log in, you’re presented with options and information tailored to you. Links to your most recent work. Alerts for outstanding action items. Details on what’s new. Plus, our configurable, automated task flows walk you step-by-step through activities, so even new users can easily follow your company’s specific processes.

Intuitive intelligence

Data outputs you can actually understand.

Leave repetitive, low-value-add activities to the machines and focus on what really matters. AI-powered automation and ML-based recommendations let you create simple or sophisticated automation chains that can modify data, run processes, and notify you of changes.

Instant visibility

Shrink the time it takes to understand insights from hours to seconds.

Quickly and easily transform complex data relationships from tables into visual analytics. Dashboards to view your most critical numbers. Scorecards to compare planning options at a glance. And a multitude of visualization options including charts and maps to explore and manipulate data faster than ever before.

Self healing

Get your teams aligned with responsibility-based collaboration.

Connect with customers, suppliers, and internal stakeholders to jointly resolve issues, seamlessly share information, and easily review collaboration history – all within Maestro. No more email threads that lack context and countless missed phone calls. Just clear communication that’s centered on shared information and commonly understood responsibilities.

Unleashing the power of generative AI

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