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Switch on to a new way to manage your supply chain

Supply chain planning for an industry where change never stops

When your product lifecycle turns over every six months, your partners are halfway around the world and the structure of your business is constantly evolving, your supply chain planning needs to keep up. 

RapidResponse gives you end-to-end supply chain visibility no matter how many partners, contract manufacturers or suppliers you have. It speeds up decision-making by capturing all your master and transactional data in one place.

What you get with RapidResponse

Faster decision-making

Faster decision-making with a single platform for planning all supply chain functions across all manufacturing sites, distribution centers, network partners and other stakeholders.

Easier planning

Easier planning by pooling data from all your disparate systems, including combining data from multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Manage product lifecycles

Simulate lifecycle curves to profitably manage new, steady state, price drops and slow moving product.

Risk management via simulation

Risk management with extensive simulation capabilities to see how capacity, pricing and other scenarios could affect your revenues, profitability, service, margins and costs.

Faster integration

Faster integration of newly merged or acquired supply chains with quick capture of master and transactional data and support for the additional data sources that come from mergers and acquisitions.

Keeping up with shifting consumer preferences, dealing with short product cycles and managing outsourcing can be big challenges for the high-tech industry. Learn how to overcome them in this video.

High-tech and Electronics Supply Chain - Kinaxis
Unmatched S&OP scenario planning speed

The speed in which scenarios can be created and analyzed has gone from 24-48 hours to 10-30 minutes in our S&OP process with RapidResponse. Planners use scenarios to hone in on a solution that may involve changing and recalculating the scenario multiple times – that would take 24 hours for each cycle in our SAP planning tools.

Operations Manager, S&P 500 Electronics Company
Displaced SAP APO

RapidResponse added Demand Planning functionality and displaced SAP APO. It improved forecast accuracy and reduced planning cycle times.

Operations Manager, Fortune 500 Telecommunications Equipment Company
Cut planning cycle in half

RapidResponse has reduced the cycle time for producing a supply plan for operations by half, while allowing for greater supply/operational plan accuracy.

IT Systems Analyst, Large Enterprise Telecommunications Equipment Company
The world's best companies use RapidResponse to manage supply chain volatility