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Supply chain planning that keeps your customers happy

The complexity of your supply chain should never be a pain point for your customers. That can be tough when you have to deal with volatile demand, dynamic pricing, channel complexity and product expiries – all with faster and faster turnarounds.

Break down data silos with RapidResponse and manage every aspect of your production, distribution and inventory with precision, control and responsiveness to real-time changes. You’ll get the supply chain planning capabilities you need to deliver the high-quality products your customers expect.

What you get with RapidResponse

End-to-end visibility

End-to-end visibility across your entire supply chain with detailed traceability across tiers so you can deliver on your promises of sustainability, safety and social responsibility.

Configurable views and automated alerts

Configurable views and automated alerts that make it easy to monitor conditions like product expiry dates – giving you time to redeploy inventory or launch a promotional campaigns to keep product moving. 

Connects data, people and processes

A single solution that seamlessly connects data, people and processes from multiple disparate systems for greater coordination and collaboration.

CPG-specific AI for demand forecasting and trade promotion optimization

AI engines by Rubikloud, a Kinaxis company, harness your first-party, retailer POS, and external data to provide actionable insights, accurate forecasts, and optimized promotions. Learn more.

View our short video to find out how you can gain greater supply chain visibility and agility to meet consumers’ constantly changing needs and preferences in the consumer products industry.

Consumer products supply chain - Kinaxis
The RapidResponse advantage

A large enterprise consumer products company chose RapidResponse over Oracle supply chain modules and JDA/i2 planning solutions.

IT Architect, Large Enterprise Consumer Products Company
“Very significant” improvements to inventory management

A large enterprise consumer products company used RapidResponse to help improve inventory management (including inventory reductions, shortage/E&O avoidance, and inventory turns) with very significant results.

Operations Manager, Large Enterprise Consumer Products Company
The world's best companies use RapidResponse to manage supply chain volatility