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We design and develop learning paths to drive greater Maestro (formerly known as RapidResponse®) user adoption and success in your organization. We’ve also defined key milestones to measure user progress and proficiency. We take a 3D approach to execute custom learning programs:



Our learning experts assess and identify your desired learning outcomes – in other words, what you need to “be able to do" at the end of your learning path.



Based on identified learning goals, we develop customized end-user/super-user or project core team trainings. Content and exercises reflect your specific business processes, workflows and data.



Delivery of custom learning programs may include train-the-trainer and coaching.

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You’ve heard the saying, “knowledge is power.” At Kinaxis, we think the same. In fact, we recognize knowledge is the key to unlocking Maestro success.

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Creating a learning plan just for you

To ensure you get maximum value from Maestro, we design and develop a learning path that will help you experience greater supply chain visibility and agility – and provide you with the proficiency and efficiency to make faster, more confident planning decisions. How do we ensure this? Take a look.



An in-depth evaluation of specific user roles and needs based on qualitative evaluations and interviews. Our qualitative assessment aims at understanding the specific individual roles and the level of proficiency you need in Maestro.


Learning path

A hybrid learning path composed of standard training elements (fundamental stepping stones) complemented by customized sessions that provide the expertise and hands-on experience related to your required RapidReponse proficiency level.


Learning key performance indicators (KPIs)

Tangible and specific custom assessments to validate your skill set and proficiency and to ensure you’ve met your targeted performance goals at the end of training.

Comprehensive role-based learning paths

In partnership with a cross-functional group of Maestro experts, Training and Enablement has defined five standard role-based learning paths to support users across different functional and technical skills and knowledge requirements. We base our methodology for all learning programs on these learning paths.

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At Kinaxis we give individuals and teams the opportunity to expand their Maestro knowledge and skills with support along the way.

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