Recognizing your RapidResponse skills

The Kinaxis Certification Program offers a way to gain competitive advantage by validating your skills and expertise with the Kinaxis RapidResponse solution. Kinaxis provides certifications to suit both organizational and individual goals at different levels of concentration. Our credentials will provide an objective measurement of technical and solution proficiency so you can:

Validate your skills

Validate your RapidResponse skills by earning credentials recognized in the industry and claiming digital certification badges to showcase your skills mastery.

Increase usage

Increase optimal usage and adoption of RapidResponse.


Enhance your skills

Enhance your RapidResponse troubleshooting skills and reduce basic how-to questions.

Establish yourself as an expert

Establish yourself as an expert by employing Kinaxis best practices across your organization.

Kinaxis Certification Program framework

The Kinaxis Certification Program consists of general paths aimed at RapidResponse Administrators, Authors, and Contributors. Each path consists of different levels of certification, allowing participants to delve deeper and advance their knowledge in tandem with their skill set.

Program Framework

Review test definitions and exam information.

A Kinaxis partner? 

Kinaxis Partners can learn about a dedicated certification program on the Kinaxis Knowledge Network for Partners, available to registered members.

Partner community

Become part of our certification community! 

Visit the certification page on the Kinaxis Knowledge Network (available to registered members) to access exam study guides and reference material, news and announcements, and a Kinaxis training discussion forum.

Certification community

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