Enterprise-wide integration

Speed up your supply chain data connectivity

Get more value, faster with our secure cloud-based integration capabilities. Bring together all your internal and external supply chain data sources. Even if you have dozens of enterprise resources planning (ERP) instances.

Pre-built templates, standard connectors and integration methods, including batch, message and real-time based transfers, means you can integrate business systems, including SAP ERPs and SAP Cloud Platform,, seamlessly. With unparalleled integration speed, you’ll see substantiated results faster.

Kinaxis delivers fast, easy supply chain data integration

Single integration layer

One platform for authoring, processing and executing data integration so you see value faster.

Extended data connectivity

Standard connectivity and fast and broad coverage of hundreds of traditional and modern data sources including SAP, Oracle and Salesforce.   


We host everything you need for project storage and source control, transformation processing and administration.

Easy integration workflows

Visual drag and drop functionality to simplify the design, testing, management and monitoring of your integration jobs and workflows.

Pre-built capabilities

Extend and reuse pre-built SAP templates and adapt mappings and transformations to suit your integration needs.

SAP Certified
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Illustration of intergration platforms


Consolidated data

With RapidResponse, we have consolidated all enterprise information into one single application.

IT Systems Analyst, Fortune 500 Electronics Company
End-to-end supply chain visibility

With RapidResponse, we have visibility across various internal and external systems in one place – independent of ERP systems used.

IT Professional, Large Enterprise Telecommunications Equipment Company
The world's best companies use RapidResponse to manage supply chain volatility.