Professional Services

Delivering success to help revolutionize how our customers manage their supply chain

We’re committed to driving the highest quality RapidResponse deployments possible, focusing on delivering value fast with our leading supply chain management solution. Our professional services experts and network of partners ensure you meet critical project milestones and achieve quantifiable results – all while sharing best practices and providing insights to future growth opportunities.

Our team helps you maximize the value of your investment through:

  • Deep product knowledge and supply chain and manufacturing operations experience.
  • Our Agile Implementation Methodology (AIM) which we use to deliver accelerated time-to-value, enhanced organizational engagement, better knowledge transfer, improved business processes and overall confidence in your implementation.

What we deliver

Deployment Consulting

Deployment & consulting

Accelerate your deployment and reap the benefits of your supply chain transformation initiative sooner.  We help with RapidResponse configuration and deployment, data integration with your existing systems, knowledge transfer and overall program management.



Leverage our technical knowledge and proven expertise to ensure you get the most from your upgrade. 

Extended Services Team

Extended services team

Take advantage of the network of Kinaxis certified partners and their business transformation expertise to drive even greater deployment success.

How we deliver

With our AIM, we transform the way you implement RapidResponse. Agile principles and techniques are applied to the integration, configuration and roll-out of RapidResponse, allowing you to start your transformation journey on the first day of your deployment.

Based on best practices defined from years of deployment experience across multiple global projects and industries, AIM lets you:

  • Build more frequent and targeted releases
  • Re-prioritize requirements on-the-fly
  • Identify and address deployment issues more rapidly
  • Build a cross-functional deployment team from the get-go, minimizing organizational friction and setting the stage for process and organizational transformation

Who we are

Our Professional Services team is unrivaled when it comes to RapidResponse deployment experience – after all, it’s what we do!

We're responsible for:

  • Technical deployments of RapidResponse
  • Data integration (configuration and documentation)
  • Solution knowledge transfer and mentoring
  • Program management activities
  • Collaboration throughout the duration of a project

Every member of our team has years of supply chain and RapidResponse deployment experience, with most coming from manufacturing operations and supply chain planning backgrounds. Our goal is to position you for success – before, during and after your RapidResponse deployment. Your success is our success, and it’s what motivates us every single day!

Developing trusted relationships

The ambition of the Kinaxis Professional Services team is to develop trusted relationships with the companies we serve.

David Kelly, EVP, Professional Services , Kinaxis