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Yesterday’s techniques are no match for today’s challenges

Most supply chains today operate as a series of point-to-point handoffs with minimal communication across functions. This prevents teams from seizing opportunities or responding quickly to unexpected events.

End-to-end supply chain orchestration is empowering today’s supply chain leaders to synchronize their data, people, and processes all in one place so they can absorb disruption and adapt to changes without missing a beat.

Seamless end-to-end supply chain orchestration

A new path forward

As disruption and volatility continue to place supply chains at risk, organizations are turning to supply chain orchestration to help drive responsiveness, efficiency, and intelligence across the end-to-end supply chain, from suppliers through end customers.

97% say that better orchestration tools would have a modest or significant impact on supply chain performance.

This Executive Summary provides a brief overview of the findings from IDC’s recent survey, in partnership with Kinaxis, around the challenges organizations face, and what’s helping and hindering the adoption of supply chain orchestration.

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The value of orchestration

Kinaxis is the only platform that enables companies to orchestrate their end-to-end network, from multi-year strategic planning through down-to-the-second execution and last-mile delivery.

With Kinaxis, planners get real-time data visibility, scenario-building capabilities for infinite situations, and smarter decision-making to produce high-quality, realistic plans. Logistics and operations teams improve order optimization and alignment across customers, carriers, and other partners to ensure high customer service levels at the lowest possible cost.

Maestro™ (formerly known as RapidResponse®) is the only AI-infused end-to-end supply chain orchestration platform for fast, intelligent decision-making. Maestro empowers you with the right answer at the right time and speed for your business.

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up to70%

significant KPI improvement

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up to25%

decrease in total inventory

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up to28%

reduction in expediting costs

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up to37%

improvement in customer service

Companies using Kinaxis outperformed their peers across key financial metrics up to the amounts cited. From Morgan Swink, Ph.D, Exec. Director and Professor, Center for Supply Chain Innovation


Powering the world’s supply chains through end-to-end orchestration

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Synchronizing over 1K global suppliers to produce one car every 45 seconds.


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Integrating disconnected systems into a single platform to coordinate across dynamic networks and ensure customers get the best service at the best cost.


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Breaking down silos across a digitally connected supply chain of 20k suppliers, 160 factories, and 80  DCs globally.


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The techniques and processes that we’ve relied on for the past 30 years will not survive the next three.”
Rogerio Branco
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Eaton Corporation
At the end of the day, every dollar we spent on agility has probably got a 10x return on every dollar spent on forecasting or scenario planning.”
Mark Engel
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Our key objective is to ensure customers get the best possible service at the best possible rate. Supply chain orchestration is helping us do that.”
Brett Sauerman
General Manager of Freight Management Solutions
DSV Solutions

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