Supply chain control tower and visibility

Get actionable, end-to-end visibility across siloed systems and supply chain processes

Control Tower Platform

Kinaxis Control Tower orchestrates and streamlines orders across global locations and multi-enterprise business networks, with systems integration, as well as a seamless connection to a vast carrier network, providing visibility and collaboration across all transport modes (ocean, air, truck, rail and parcel).


Enable operational excellence

Streamline operations with continuous flow optimization across the entire supply chain – for each and every order.


Drive high customer service levels

Keep customers satisfied with timely exceptions management for consistent on-time, in-full deliveries at the lowest feasible cost.


Minimize fees and penalties

Visibility and alerts into critical milestones and in app corrections management.


Improve network synergy

Real-time visibility across all systems, partners, and the world's largest carrier network.


Establish competitive differentiation

End to end visibility makes it easier to expand your value offer and provide more service and delivery options


Control costs

Analyze financial performance across order flows, incorporating both internal and external costs.

Innovative brands trust Kinaxis.

Companies across industries and of all sizes and maturity levels trust us to help them take control of their integrated business planning and digital supply chain. From moving off Excel to complete digital transformations, read our customer success stories to see how Kinaxis customers use our concurrency technique to get real results.

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Why choose the Kinaxis Control Tower?

Kinaxis provides global and granular views into all inventory, orders and transportation, so you can optimize supply chains to control cost and deliver exceptional customer service.

Kinaxis Manage supply and demand

Optimally plan and execute

Decompose individual orders into as many sub-orders as necessary to optimally plan and execute on sourcing, warehousing, shipping, and service level requirements.

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Kinaxis Plan & execute across all modes

Optimize based on every order's specific parameters

Meticulously model carriers, costs, and service levels without any mode constraints, optimizing based on every order's specific parameters (air, truck, ocean and parcel).

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Kinaxis Arrive at a cost-to-serve figure

Capture all cost types including hidden costs

Holistically capture all cost types including hidden costs, such as handling, customs, duties, storage and transportation.

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Kinaxis Real-time analytics

Optimize by monitoring order volumes

Continuously optimize by monitoring order volumes, revenues, costs and OTIF delivery.

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Customer testimonials

Brett Sauerman
The flexibility of the Kinaxis solution allowed us to scale and connect complex network systems, people and processes. It was critical for us to be able to optimize the supply chain very quickly after implementation. Information had been sitting in isolated sectors of the supply chain; Kinaxis allowed us to aggregate that data in a meaningful way on a single-view platform. We were able to interpret instructions and give feedback across several service providers and make that visible on what we call an ‘order lifecycle view’ – at a transactional level as well as at a group level. Leveraging Intelligence empowered us to make informed decisions that helped stabilize and mature our value offering and get to the point where we enabled our customers growth. It also allowed us to improve productivity on average by 17%.”
Brett Sauerman
General Manager - Freight Management Solutions
DSV South Africa
M. Gonzalez
The Kinaxis Control Tower allows us to implement diverse and sophisticated solutions for our customers. Using Kinaxis, we're able to do what all business models strive to achieve today: Be closer to the customer, understand what they want and anticipate their needs."
Mauro Gonzalez
Founder & CEO
M. Botman
We have a DSV road control tower base from which we organize road transport for several major pan-European clients. The software is used for planning delivery routes, tracking consignments and event management. For example, it allows us to see immediately if a shipment isn’t progressing according to plan, which enables us to intervene quickly to solve the problem or notify the customer as needed.”
Meinderdjan Botman
DSV Solutions
Armando Robles
We are a 4pl global logistics provider with operations around the world. We partnered with Kinaxis to empower our operations through effective decision-making, adaptability and real-time transparency. The Kinaxis supply chain orchestration platform is ideal in helping us increase our chain control reliability and agile decision-making for our clients. The platform will also enable us to improve the strategic use of our operational teams, allocating more time to operations instead of customer reaction support.”
Armando Robles
Global VP

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We have a DSV road control tower base from where we organize road transport for several major pan-european clients. the software is used for planning delivery routes, tracking consignments and event management. it allows us to immediately see if a shipment isn’t progressing according to plan, for example, which enables us to intervene quickly to solve the problem or forewarn the customer as necessary."
DSV Solutions

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