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Legacy demand planning and supply chain planning systems were not designed for today’s complexities, and consequently don’t meet the many challenges that have emerged in life sciences.

As a result, life sciences companies are adopting process improvements and new technologies targeted at removing business “silos,” improving collaboration, and increasing productivity. And that's where we come in!

We provide Life Sciences companies with the capabilities required to satisfy the following business processes in an integrated manner:

  • Collaborative launch management — Clinical, Regulatory, and Commercial
  • Jurisdictional control to respect regulatory needs during planning
  • Consensus demand planning across affiliates & countries
  • Risk evaluation and recovery to deal with shortages and FDA shutdowns
  • Shortage analysis and reporting for FDASIA compliance
  • Supply and capacity planning to balance demand across regions
  • Expiry management to balance long supply lead times and shifting demand

With RapidResponse we improved event management for supply with non conformance and improved adherence to inventory targets above 95%. We are consistently managing abnormal scrap below budget (20% below budget).

Executive, Global 500 Pharmaceuticals company