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Supply Chains are Human - Kinaxis

People are at the heart of every supply chain.

At Kinaxis, our sole focus is supporting customers so they can do what they do best and dream even bigger. These are the thinkers. The visionaries. The ones who get things done. Our planning platform provides transparency along the entire supply chain with our unique concurrent planning technique. With concurrent planning, people can make fast, confident decisions and handle disruptions no matter how big or small. When supply chain experts have intuitive technology at their fingertips, it frees up resources and unlocks opportunities – so people can make real differences in the world around us.

"One of the great benefits we’ve had from RapidResponse is that we’re now able to manage shelf life planning to a level of detail that’s enabled us to reduce our write-offs due to expiry.”
Doug Kelly, Director, Supply Chain Management
“Using RapidResponse is a blessing daily. It allows me to complete analyses very quickly and accurately.”
John Leo, Inventory Analyst
“Kinaxis’ strong support services and commitment have helped us accelerate our deployment of RapidResponse. We’ve been able to stay ahead of potential issues and reduce performance risks as our implementation and usage continues to grow.”
Antoine Petit, Global Supply Chain Planning Systems
Schneider Electric
“RapidResponse has reduced the cycle time for producing a supply plan for operations by half, while allowing for greater supply/operational plan accuracy.”
IT Systems Analyst
Large Enterprise Telecommunications Equipment Company
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They chose Kinaxis for good reasons

Most of our customers have SAP® or Oracle® as their ERP systems and execution-backbone. Yet they all came to us to solve an urgent need. Faced with growing volatility, these global leaders found themselves in a new era of surprise and compromise. They needed a better way to manage enterprise-wide planning. Kinaxis delivers on that need. Our RapidResponse platform balances the end-to-end supply chain continuously and instantly. You'll get clarity into all S&OP and supply chain planning areas at once – from a single platform, data model and interface.

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