Live Lens Insights

Concurrent visibility in six weeks or less

Stop trying to face down volatility with tools that were designed for a simpler time.

Cash flow is unpredictable. Teams are stretched. Competition is mounting. And you need the agility to solve critical supply chain problems NOW. You want to adopt new technologies to speed up digital transformation initiatives. But challenges are everywhere.

Live Lens Insights makes it quick, easy and affordable keep your finger on the pulse of your business to identify trends and get ahead of change. Know sooner what’s influencing key metrics like revenue-at-risk with network-wide visibility. Act faster when opportunities arise with scenario simulations and actionable insights around revenue acceleration or cash preservation. And eliminate wasted time with the ability to instantly collaborate with the right people at the right time. So you can make critical decisions faster and more confidently to accelerate revenue and improve cash flow.


Monitor performance

Get a complete picture of your business’s health immediately and drill in for more specific details with a dashboard designed to show you your most critical metrics like revenue-at-risk, and revenue acceleration and cash preservation opportunities


Improve collaboration

Instantly see who’s responsible for issues impacting KPIs like revenue-at-risk and start a collaboration in the platform to resolve problems or capitalize on opportunities 


Mitigate risk

Understand in seconds the impact of any supply-side disruption to your business, like late supplier deliveries, with the ability to create and analyze what-if scenarios


Accelerate Revenue

Address revenue bottlenecks faster with immediate alerts that let you know whenever there’s a supply chain issue


Understand performance

Easily see and understand trends that are impacting your revenue, like consistently late suppliers or  frequently short components


Improve data quality

Find ‘bad’ data that’s hurting your plan with data integrity and cleansing metrics


Realize value quickly

See value in record time with an implementation that’s up and running in less than six weeks and doesn’t involve continued IT involvement or investment


Expand seamlessly

Build a solid foundation for your company’s future with a solution that’s easy to expand as your supply chain matures and your digital transformation evolves

Know sooner and act faster when reality hits

Kinaxis customers leverage RapidResponse to get the complete picture and manage disruptions from emergencies to the everyday, all at a speed that keeps them ahead of the pack.

Proctor & Gamble
Extreme Networks
Viant Medical
Lockheed Martin
RapidResponse has improved management’s ability to make decisions based on choices and consequences, and the speed at which they do so.”
Vice President
Fortune 500 Hardware Company

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Kinaxis gives you the agility to make fast, confident supply chain decisions. Plan for any future. Monitor risks and opportunities. Respond at the pace of change.

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