Our technique: concurrent planning

Survive and thrive through disruptions and volatility

Intuitive planning for businesses of all sizes

Say goodbye to cascaded planning

Our unique technique of concurrent planning, powered by our patented Cognitive Network Graph, delivers a supply chain that’s completely connected and always in sync.  When a planner in one area makes a change, everyone else across the supply chain immediately sees the impact.


Know sooner

Connect data, processes and people so everyone works in sync from up-to-date global data. Immediately see the impact of any change across your entire supply chain.


Act faster

Make real-time decisions and align teams around a common goal to make collaborative business decisions 100x faster. Keep every customer promise, reduce risk and cut costs.


Remove waste

Leverage AI, machine learning and prescriptive automation to maximize efficiency and eradicate wasted time, resources and talent. Maintain a sustainable, profitable supply chain, no matter what comes your way.

Remove silos, maximize resources and rapidly understand the outcome of plans

Together, our community, technique and platform combine to create something much greater than the sum of the parts. An unparalleled experience where we guide you toward ongoing success. Join the world’s leading companies in concurrent supply chain planning.

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Continuously balance supply and demand on one platform.

With data and plans that are always in sync, our technique of concurrent planning is powered by AI and aimed at keeping everyone across the supply chain completely connected and informed.


Concurrent Planning


Unlimited agility by design

Create and manage synchronized plans across time horizons, business processes and organizational boundaries at the same time, in real time, on one platform.

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