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Relevant work experience is more important than ever when looking for that first full-time job after graduation. Co-Op   placements and internships can provide that bridge between post-secondary education and the work world.

Here at Kinaxis, we have a variety of Co-Op/Internships where students and recent graduates have a chance to gain meaningful work experience for their future careers.

A Co-Op placement/Internship is a short-term work assignment where a student gets the chance to work on real-life problems using the knowledge that they have gained in their classroom studies. Some of the benefits of a Co-Op/Intern placement are:

  • Gaining real-life paid work experience
  • Building skills for the future 
  • Improving soft skills like job-search skills, interviewing, networking, communication, etc.
  • Meeting subject matter experts in your field of interest.

The Co-Op/Intern Program also brings a lot of positive outcomes to our company as a whole. Our Kinaxis hiring managers gain many benefits, including:

  • Getting assistance on existing projects
  • Co-Op/Interns provide a fresh perspective on solutions to problems
  • Provides current team members leadership/mentorship opportunities to the Co-Op/Interns
  • Having help from students allows managers to work on projects that they might not necessarily have the time for otherwise.

How can you get a Co-Op placement/Internship at Kinaxis?

At Kinaxis we have 3 semesters: Winter, Summer, and Fall. We recruit students across North America. In terms of timelines, we begin recruitment for Co-Op/Interns four months prior to the start date. 

Semester Roles Posted
Winter (January - April) Late August - Early September
Summer (May - August) Late December - Early January
Fall (September - December) Late April - Early May

Kinaxis offers placements with lengths of four months, eight months, 12 months, and 16 months. We offer remote, in-office, and hybrid work locations. Many of our in-office roles are based in our brand-new HQ in Kanata, ON. 

Kinaxis offers placements in a variety of departments. Each semester we post the following roles:

  • Machine Learning Developers
  • Back-End & Front-End Developers
  • Test Developers
  • Data Analysts
  • Visual Designers
  • Systems Administrators
  • Technical Support Analysts
  • Sales Operations Coordinators
  • Additional roles in HR, Finance, Marketing, Strategy, and more!

It's easy to apply and get started

Here's how it all comes together from the start:

All of Kinaxis’ Co-Op/Intern role are posted on our Kinaxis Careers page.

Students apply for roles → Hiring managers review and select applicants for interviews → Successful candidates are selected → HR makes an offer to the student → Students accept the offers → Onboarding process commences!

Once a student begins their work placement, they are paired with a buddy. A buddy is a team member who’s there to answer any questions they may have while they get comfortable at Kinaxis. Kinaxis also offers many additional opportunities to get connected with your co-workers:

  • Co-Op/Intern social groups
  • Co-Op/Intern-specific MS Teams channels
  • LinkedIn Learning & mentorship
  • Co-Op/Intern workshops
  • Employee Resource Groups
  • Company fitness breaks

Ready to learn more about our exciting Kinaxis Co-Op/Intern program? Please contact me, Jody Hisko, at jhisko [at] kinaxis [dot] com or connect with me on LinkedIn.

We hope that our Co-Op/Intern students become full time employees when their schooling is completed. We will soon post some testimonials from current full-time employees who are graduates of our Co-Op/Intern program. Stay tuned!

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