Building great career foundations as a Kinaxis Co-Op/Intern in Romania

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What’s it like to work for an innovative, employee-focused, dynamic supply chain software company? Read on to find out!

Kinaxis employs a variety of Co-Op/Intern students and each student has their own situations and experiences. Today, we speak with Amalia Bordei regarding the internship experience, from being encouraged to ask lots of questions to gaining valuable, hands-on skills that are already serving her well in her role here at Kinaxis.

Headshot of Amalia Bordei, a recent intern and now-employee at Kinaxis.

Amalia Bordei

Amalia is a former intern student who is now working at Kinaxis as an Associate Technology Consultant in Romania.

How would you describe the culture at Kinaxis?

The Kinaxis motto is “People matter here” and they exemplify that by investing in people and supporting a culture of kindness and stability. As an intern I was able to speak up, ask questions and participate freely and transparently in different settings as every voice is heard.

What have you learned in your time at Kinaxis?

When I started my internship, I only had a basic understanding of the fundamentals of supply chain management, scripting and data models, but now I have learned how to configure and test data models and scripts and communicate complex concepts and processes.

What are some of the highlights of your experience at Kinaxis?

Some of the highlights in my experience at Kinaxis include implementing ideas into scripts using JavaScript, Data Model configuration and synchronization, Data migration and System Administrator tasks. As a team member, I also participated in weekly meetings to brainstorm and share ideas for innovating and finding new ways of delivering the best outcomes to overcome challenges.

What are some of the projects that you have worked on during your placement?

When I first joined, I had a period of accommodation and learning how the business and processes here work. After I had completed some courses, I was assigned to a project as a shadow resource which gave me time to fully understand and ask questions until was comfortable handling the role assigned to me.

What advice would you give to an incoming Co-Op/Intern?

My advice to incoming Co-Op/Intern students would be to not be scared to ask questions if needed, as the Kinaxis culture is very well-established among employees. People will gladly help you, so be curious about new things. Finally, the diversity and capabilities of RapidResponse are amazing.

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