Supply chain management at the speed and scale of retail.

Make sure customers get what they want, when they want it

Your supply chain’s scale and complexity should never be the reason your customers can’t buy the goods they want. With Kinaxis, forecast even your most volatile demand and plan replenishment with more clarity, faster than ever.

Unleash your supply chain’s full potential

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Concurrent planning

Instantly see how changes in your demand plans directly affect your supply strategies across every item at every store and distribution center.

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Planning for any scenario

Improve your agility with scenario-based planning to act faster across the scale of your operations. Know the impacts across your entire network and for every item, and make decisions based on key performance indicators.

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Forecast demand with accuracy

Empower your planners with highly-precise machine learning forecasts that predict changes in demand from both internal and external data signals.

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Strategic inventory replenishment

Manage replenishment parameters across your supply chain, while establishing guardrails to protect stores from receiving excess inventory.

We’ve got your industry covered

No matter what retail format or product categories you sell – whether it’s fast food, baked goods, coffee, cosmetics, power tools, running shoes, or others – we’ll address the nuances of your business so you are enabled with the best supply chain management solutions possible.

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Quick Service Restaurants

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Health, beauty, and personal care

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With the pace and complexity you face every day, your supply chain has to facilitate agility and resilience. By implementing concurrency, you can drastically improve your response time to disruptions, plan more intelligently and keep your customers coming back.


Retail Demand Planning

Visualize demand plans and proactively monitor and improve forecasts by comparing actuals, making adjustments to incorporate human insight, and monitoring trends and exceptions through intuitive, interactive workbooks and dashboards.

Retail Demand AI

Generate forecasts for short-term and long-term horizons that leverage machine learning and incorporate any necessary factors to improve accuracy, such as price changes, promo plans, weather, and new products.

Retail Replenishment

Generate planned orders and manage network and replenishment parameters across the supply chain to ensure every item at every store and distribution center gets restocked in a timely manner.

Plan, execute, and respond to changes and disruptions at the speed of retail

Break down silos and manage your supply chain complexity across the scale of your supply network. Understand impacts of changes and disruptions immediately and plan scenarios on the fly for better collaboration and decision making, so you can deliver the right products at the right time and place to your customers.

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