Kinaxis Academic Program

Shaping the supply chain of the future

Industry and academic collaboration is the key to success

At Kinaxis, we recognize the critical role that higher education plays in ensuring we have the ideas, innovation and skills necessary to propel the modern supply chain forward.

By partnering with our academic colleagues, we can share the fascinating and complex problems supply chains are facing today. Together, we can characterize relevant topics and problems for the classroom, highlight rewarding careers paths in supply chain, and identify challenges and the research required to address them.

We believe it is our responsibility to contribute current, practice-based examples to academia so students can enter the workforce prepared and professors can contribute to research with an understanding of today’s trends and challenges.

Be a part of the program

You'll set students up for success by helping them develop the skillsets needed by the modern supply chain. Participation in the Kinaxis Academic Program is free and it's designed to help:

Graduation cap

Deliver rich and relevant content that will transform students into highly sought-after talent


Enhance curricula and bring supply chain practitioners into classrooms to inspire more students to pursue careers in supply chain


Align with academic thought leaders defining top research agendas

Program offerings

We’re building resources that enable faculty to educate next-generation talent for the modern supply chain. We offer:

case studies

Academic case studies that reinforce supply chain concepts you’re teaching

virtual guest lectures

Virtual guest lectures that bring practitioners with industry examples into your classroom


Collaboration opportunities such as joint webinars, blog posts, podcasts and research

Interested in collaborating with us?

If you have more questions about the Academic Program or you would like to speak to us about a case study, a guest lecture, or a different collaboration opportunity, please contact us. 

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Internships at Kinaxis are an excellent opportunity to gain professional skills and hands-on experience in your field of study. If you’re ready to graduate from student to employee, you can search our open positions or simply learn more about careers at Kinaxis. 

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