Deliver on high expectations, no matter the complexity.

Adapt to ever-changing, dynamic markets

Countless customers rely on you to seamlessly orchestrate their supply chains, but behind the scenes, logistics is often swept up in ceaseless firefighting and plugging cost leaks. Learn how a flexible and dynamic approach to multi-party orchestration can help you get ahead of risk and be agile and valuable to customers – under any condition.

Optimize Logistics with Kinaxis TMS+

Optimize logistics across diverse, global customers

Global logistics service providers have a vision: To build a highly responsive and efficient logistics ecosystem that spans multiple partners and locations around the world. See how Kinaxis can help logistics service providers realize their ambition, empower their customers, and drive business growth.

Unleash your supply chain’s full potential

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Unite your greatest resources

Every day, you manage complex order flows across multiple business units and partners globally, despite everyone using their own systems and processes. Kinaxis helps you get it done quickly and headache-free through an integrated systems landscape that connects the network from order allocation to last-mile delivery.

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Orchestrate without limits

It takes a whole ecosystem of partners to run a supply chain. Kinaxis empowers you to make the most of your network with an unlimited number of potential connections. Always select the best partners and routes for each customer order and broaden opportunities for optimization and multi-party collaboration across all inbound, outbound, and after-sales flows.

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Deliver the best service levels at the idea cost

Be the hero: give your customer what they want, when they want it, at the lowest possible cost. With Kinaxis, you can set unique rules for each customer and optimally plan demanding flows like remote deliveries under strict time windows. When issues arise, real-time alerts, re-optimization intelligence, and in-app exceptions management get you back on track in seconds.

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Future-proof your business to scale without limits

Logistics is all about innovation and the next new exciting adventure on the horizon. Whether you’re breaking into an industry, investing in new and evolving markets, or supporting a unique customer challenge, Kinaxis offers the flexibility to expand capabilities and configure different flow types, as well as quickly and seamless onboard new partners.

We’ve got your industry covered

We help all types of logistics service providers manage a wide range of global customers.

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Freight Forwarder

Start driving value for customers in as few as 12 weeks with tailored orchestration solutions.

Supply chain execution all in one place.

Get multi-enterprise visibility, network coordination, and optimization across the full order life cycle.

Kinaxis Supply Chain Visibility

Gain timely visibility into all physical flows and see granular details, like constraints and service level expectations, and financial details at every touch point.

Kinaxis Control Tower

Act on what you see and steer orders from directly within the app to ensure the most optimal and cost-effective movements across the supply chain.

Kinaxis Order Management

Orchestrate order fulfillment across a global network. Dynamically model flows to adapt and optimize based on cost, market or other conditions.

Kinaxis Transportation

Execute shipments smarter via a platform that integrates sourcing and multi-mode route planning to optimize against all service levels and constraints.

Kinaxis Returns

Digitize and automate to support the full order life cycle and boost the customer experience. Reduce excess inventory and lower cash conversion cycle time.

Kinaxis Spare Parts

Drive customer loyalty, competitive advantage, and business growth by automating and streamlining spare parts and advanced replacement order flows.

Drive flexible and agile global supply chains for customers

As customer demands evolve within an increasingly global, networked, multi-channel supply chain, Kinaxis empowers you optimize and scale across diverse customers with wide-ranging supply chain management needs.

Trusted by logistics service provider customers

These LSP, 3PL, and 4PL companies changed their approach to supply chain execution with Kinaxis.

No matter how many customers you serve, there’s rarely a one-size-fits all solution

Let’s talk capabilities and what you need to be flexible, scalable, and innovative for your customers’ unique challenge.

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